VLOG: WWE Night of Champions

After all sorts of crazy technical problems with blip, my thoughts are up.  I go off book a little about wrestling theory, and my personal pet peeves with the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community), but it gets to the meat of the show, too.  I hope you wrestling fans enjoy.  And I hope you non-wrestling fans enjoy, too.

Part 1

Part 2


Fun Fact - Raw experienced its lowest ratings since November 17th, 2008.  Yeah.  Like I said, this PPV is stuck in time, and didn't give ANYTHING to build from.  So no one tuned in.  Proof in the pudding, I dare say.


VLOG: Double Feature - Easy A & Devil

Whew.  New stuff up, with more to come!  See what I thought of two bigs movies that came out this weekend.