VLOG: WWE Bragging Rights

WWE Bragging Rights was last Sunday.  Does the WWE have anything to brag about?

Part 1 - the Undercard
(NOTE: Apparently there are some problems with part 1 loading.  It will eventually load, apparently, but for some reason takes a few minutes to get going.  I'll see what I can do to fix this weird glitch.)

Part 2 - the Uppercard


IHAO Shorties: Ren Faire

IHAOctober and the HORROR of a ... Music Video?  And a Banana Ninja?!


IHAOctober Prologue

BWhahhaHAfhahjaHAahaAHWHoooHehehHAhaahaAH *coughhack* I am back ... WITH A VENGEANCE!  Check out what's coming for the rest of this month.


VLOG: WWE Hell in a Cell

My thoughts on Hell in a Cell, as well as an update on myself, the main show, and looking for a little feedback.

Part 1

Part 2