IHAO Shorties: Wristbands

New show!  A short, humorous, PG show reviewing just about anything I damn well please.  Hope you enjoy!




VLOG: The Other Guys

Wanna know what I thought about the newest Adam McKay/Will Farrell movie?  Just click above.


I Have an Opinion ... on Dungeons and Dragons

The rolled a "1" when they made this crapfest.

This review features an adult using adult language.

Edit: Today, it has been one month since I started this project.  And I feel good.  REAL good.  My output is surprisingly high, even higher than I thought I would have:

 - 5 IHAOs in one month
 - 3 VLOGs, two of which are current movie reviews
 - 1 new show, with two episodes that is a weekly show

And that's not even all of it.  More is to come, with two other shows I want to do (though I suspect one will be rolled into IHAO instead of being a separate entity), more vlogs, and consistent IHAOs (I'm shooting for 4 a month).  Thanks everyone that has supported me so far, and I hope I continue to entertain.  Please, bookmark, and share, and let's see where IHAO is in one MORE month.

~ Deewun