I Have an Opinion ... on Dungeons and Dragons

The rolled a "1" when they made this crapfest.

This review features an adult using adult language.

Edit: Today, it has been one month since I started this project.  And I feel good.  REAL good.  My output is surprisingly high, even higher than I thought I would have:

 - 5 IHAOs in one month
 - 3 VLOGs, two of which are current movie reviews
 - 1 new show, with two episodes that is a weekly show

And that's not even all of it.  More is to come, with two other shows I want to do (though I suspect one will be rolled into IHAO instead of being a separate entity), more vlogs, and consistent IHAOs (I'm shooting for 4 a month).  Thanks everyone that has supported me so far, and I hope I continue to entertain.  Please, bookmark, and share, and let's see where IHAO is in one MORE month.

~ Deewun


  1. This was well worth the wait. My abs hurt from all the laughing. This was well worth the making fun of.
    Would you mind explaining what a McGuffin is?
    Thanks for all your hard work Deewun!

  2. Of course, my man. I love sprinkling in TVTropes whenever I can, and man oh man, did this flick ever deserve them. Check out the Mac Guffin write up on Tvtropes.org!

    Basically, a MacGuffin is an item that forces the plot, and has no other use. It merely exists to further plot. Such as a legendary sword (or rod as is the case in this film). It is lazy writing, as it is character motivation by item instead of by character. TV Tropes explains is much better, but that's a good shorthand answer.

  3. I've been waiting FOREVER for someone to review this movie. Seriously, this movie is so awesomely bad. Between the half-assed fan service, Marlon Wayons, an Jeremy fuckin' Irons, this movie is classic.

  4. I'm glad you liked it Doc Pepper Classic! That movie is incredibly bad, and I'm very glad to be the first I can think of to have reviewed it!