VLOG: Dinner for Schmucks + various other things on my mind

Wanna know what I thought about Dinner for Schmucks?


  1. Hey Justin! Don't worry about the schedule stuff too much man. Quality > Quantity

    Good post, thanks for saving me the money on Schmucks.

    I have respect for your stance on cursing, though I myself use it very sparsely.

    Hope the banks work out.. if not we'll do something more direct so the banks aren't charging you for.. well.. nothing.

    Peace man!

  2. allow anon comments so its easier to interact

  3. do a video about the death of superman and also when batman broke his back and azreal took over. also the maxx, spawn, dark tower comic, dark tower books, good horror movies, 80-90's stuff. retro nes games.

  4. Whew, lots of requests! I'll see what I can do on those! I can guarantee more 80s-90s stuff, and I want to do some good horror movies. The Spawn movie is in my sights as well. As for comics, I'll have to look into those and perhaps do a retro episode of the Pull List. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm glad your comment got through.