IHAO Quickie - Daybreakers

Just rented Daybreakers.  This was a solid movie ...

That I've seen before when it was called Equilibrium.  And that I've seen before when it was called The Matrix.  And all the other myriad times we've seen something similar.  You know the drill, it's the future, the world is changing.  Our main character shows signs that he may want things to go back to being what human really is.  He meets some people who ARE Human again.  Together, they want the entire world to go back to being Human again.  Climactic battle with high death toll.  Lots of symbolism and power shots.  Done and done.

Now, there isn't anything wrong with this movie being so similar to others.  It does things very well.  It is a very intriguing, science fiction look at Vampires.  And it has PERFECT timing, coming out now that vampires are the new zombies.  Hell, the main character's name is Edward.

But this isn't anything new.  If you like those kinds of movies, check this out.  If you like vampries, check it out.  It is definitely worth a rent, at least.  But that's just my opinion.


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