I Have an Opinion ... on Ewoks pt. 2

The last half of my two-parter entry into the world of internet entertainment!  Enjoy.


  1. dude, you know what i really enjoy about this?? it's like watching a movie with you, only you do all the work for us...skip the nonsense and show us the entertainment. and the part where you repeat the slapstick over and over, using the audio from willy wonka...that shit was awesome. also, HOLY SHIT THAT'S WILFORD BRIMLEY!!! REALLY well done there, too (The Thing is easily one of my favorite sci-fi movies, and is certainly one of the most well-made).

    I have to say, man, you are really coming into your own with this. Your editing is DEAD-ON (and believe me, i know how difficult that can be), which means the pacing is perfect. WELL DONE, man. Really well done. Can't wait to see more!

  2. Hilarious, witty, and informative...basically it's anything everyone wants before renting/going to watch a movie. I can honestly say that this is far more entertaining then actually reading through a long drawn out blog of continuous negatives that most critics tend to list. You not only hit the high points, but offer suggestions on progression and continuity. Now, we just need some popcorn with natures seasoning and Mt. Dew Code red and we're at your house having a good time.

    Well done, bravo and get to work on the next installment.


  3. I just realized why I remember the first movie so much more than the second. Me and my sisters must have not liked the sequel very much either. I remember the speedy rat guy though. Anyway, awesome commentary. I'll share this with Bailey if you don't mind.

  4. Yeah! Totally, man, please do share them! Please, please, word of mouth is all I have right now until things start working on some other fronts. Share and share and share some more!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the review. Tell me what you think of the others!