d1 Plays Nuzlocke Emerald - Episode 12

After the trials and tribulations getting his first gym badge, Deewun is reluctant to move on with the plot, and instead picks berries and grinds.  Hopefully that won't last long.


d1 Plays Nuzlocke Emerald - Episode 11

It is time to check out the Devon Corporation.  And then on to Roxanne for the first gym badge.


d1 Plays Nuzlocke Emerald - Episode 10

After the harrowing adventures in the forest, Deewun and his crew finally make it to Rustboro, and take a look around town.


d1's Over the Limit review + Randy Savage

RIP Randy Savage
My thoughts on a great great wrestler, and a hero.

Over the Limit Part 1

Over the Limit Part 2



VLOG - Pirates 4 and other pirate-y things

Deewun waxes fantastical about the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, as well as the newest addition, On Stranger Tides.


d1 Plays Nuzlocke Emerald - Episode 8

Still stuck in Petalburg Woods, but so far so good.  Right?

Pirates 4 thoughts tomorrow!


VLOG - WWE Studios' That's What I Am

WWE Studios has put out another film, this time with Ed Harris and a theme of tolerance and anti-bullying.  But is it any good?


d1 Plays Nuzlocke Emerald - Episode 7

Deewun and his team travel deep into Petalburg Woods.  Will everyone survive?

ALSO - I have just picked up some videos which I'll be doing vlogs on, so look forward to one tomorrow, as well as my thoughts on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides on Saturday!


d1 Plays Nuzlocke Emerald - Episode 6

The Nuzlocking continues as Deewun makes his way out of Petalburg City and onto the next city, and his first gym battle.  But what lies between where he is and his destination?


d1 Plays Nuzlocke Emerald - Episode 5

As the d1Plays continues, we meet Norman, Wally, and check out the rest of Petalburg City.


d1 Plays Nuzlocke Emerald - Episode 4


Thanks guys for all the feedback you've given me on this show, and my endeavors as a whole.  I'm going to continue to push myself to make better videos, better content, and more CONSISTENT content.  With that said, after talking with a few people I trust, I've decided to try to keep a schedule for d1Plays.  I've been putting out two episodes an update, but instead, I'll update more frequently, with one episode at a time, except for some special occassions.  I figure the best way to do this is to shoot for Noon-ish on Monday/Wednesday/Friday.  I already have a decent backlog, which will help make this a profitable endeavor, and I think things will work well.  Thanks again, and now I'm done with the upkeep.  Watch my videos!!!!

VLOG: 2 Thors for the price of one.

My uncensored thoughts on Marvel's Thor and the Asylum's Almighty Thor.


d1 Plays Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke Style - Episode 2 & 3

Episode 2

Episode 3

Things FINALLY get out of the in-game tutorial.  What kind of nuzlockin' craziness will happen now?


d1 Plays Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke Style - Episode 0 & 1


Episode 1

As I continue my efforts to keep this site moving forward, as well as provide content and work to find a better place to film the IHAO Main Show, I have come upon this idea, and after toiling with it for a week, finally, it is ready to be consumed.  So enjoy the introduction and episode 1.  More episodes are on their way!


Edit: AND go check out the Nuzlocke Webcomic!  It is really really fun to read, and is what got me into doing this run for myself anyway!  Go!