VLOG: 2 Thors for the price of one.

My uncensored thoughts on Marvel's Thor and the Asylum's Almighty Thor.


  1. Regarding Earth vs. Asgard... From a Marvel Movie standpoint, this is an origin story, and those are hard to do well, given the restrictions that this frequently places on the narrative arc.

    Natalie Portman was a complete waste. Why did they pay her almost certainly mammoth price tag to then put her in such a pathetically simple role? I'll tell you why. There are certain people that will go see a movie just because she is in it. She is fantastically easy on the eyes and fun to watch act. It's just a shame the screenplay gave her no opportunity to do so.

    The Ice Giants look like Skrull to me.

    The funniest line in this review:
    "Its a metaphor for me raping that character's continuity"

  2. Ha, awesome! Thanks for the read, Kevin (or Turff, I can't decide)! And you are completely right, I always take it for granted with Origin stories. Superhero origins are so simple, I always forget they have to waste 30 minutes of each movie rehashing the origin.