d1 Plays Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke Style - Episode 0 & 1


Episode 1

As I continue my efforts to keep this site moving forward, as well as provide content and work to find a better place to film the IHAO Main Show, I have come upon this idea, and after toiling with it for a week, finally, it is ready to be consumed.  So enjoy the introduction and episode 1.  More episodes are on their way!


Edit: AND go check out the Nuzlocke Webcomic!  It is really really fun to read, and is what got me into doing this run for myself anyway!  Go!


  1. This is Deewun Gold... er.. Emerald.

    What does he do in the field? Fieldwork.


  2. I haven't played any of emerald, SURPRISES EVERYWHERE

  3. I beat all of ruby with just swampert one time. It was so easy I don't think I had to catch anything else except for hm slaves. I didn't even get ko'd once. It also only took me around 20 hours. I really only even did it to get an extra masterball and set myself up to catch some decent regis. That's not nuzlocking though, that's called harvesting.