d1's Capitol Punishment Review

Oh good, it's time for another WWE PPV, as well as other various WWE things that have happened over the month. Listen in as Deewun gives his thoughts, as well as institutes a new grading policy. 

Part 1

Part 2


VLOG: Green Lantern review + IHAO update

I saw Green Lantern.  These are my thoughts, they may surprise you.  They probably won't.  But they might.

Oh and ...

Time to update all of you on the future of this sight and it's main show!


d1 Plays Nuzlocke Emerald - Episode 16

Time to clean up the plot and do some grinding.  And that means it is montage time!


d1 Plays Nuzlocke Emerald - Episode 15

Time to enter Rusturf cave, get a new team member, fight a pirate, save an old man's Wingull, and say goodbye to another team member.  Quite the rollercoaster this episode.


d1 Plays Nuzlocke Emerald - Episode 14

With a new teammate, Deewun makes his way on towards plot.  Well ... he'll get there eventually.