VLOG: WWE Hell in a Cell

My thoughts on Hell in a Cell, as well as an update on myself, the main show, and looking for a little feedback.

Part 1

Part 2


  1. Amen ... wait. What part are you agreeing with?

  2. Good vlog, dude. Agree with most of your thoughts on the PPV. Even when I don't I always enjoy hearing you go on and on about wrestling. Thanks for the plug, too. :-) Not that it's a big deal, the last name is pronounced hook-er...just like a prostitute. :-P

    And if anyone's reading this comment, the site's going to be down for a bit as I'm switching servers and revamping, so in the meantime, you can check out:
    ...assuming that link works.

  3. On and on? Jeez, it's like people expect a 5 minute wrap up of a 3-hour long f'in' event.

  4. 5 minute wrap up =

    "People hit each other. The people who were hit didn't like it, so they tried and sometimes succeeded in hitting back. Every now and then, people who aren't supposed to be in the fight joined in, and there were many people hitting each other. Good writing was appreciated by fans while people who don't watch wrestling didn't understand the gravity of the situation."


  5. Joe, you are going to take all the internet cookies if you keep being funny. Stop it. You'll get internet chunky.

  6. I wasn't trying to imply you are too long winded. I was trying to say that I would listen to you talk for extended periods even if I don't agree with what you're saying.

  7. OH! Cool, I'll take it. High Five!