I Have an Opinion ... on See No Evil

IHAOctober ended up only being two videos, and for that I am sorry, viewers.  But I think you will enjoy this video, and I still plan on doing the others as promised.  So enjoy!


  1. ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE CHECKLIST! Laughed the entire time! Glad you were able to get this out

    Keep it up Jpuff, Deewun, .... guy I know from college. =)

  2. Best pre-movie PSA: Please silence your cell phones or Kane will make you eat it.

    I want a pdf of that checklist so we can play along at home.

  3. Ha! I'm so glad that checklist joke worked! I was really worried, because when a review has one of those running gags all throughout, it can start to bog down and get unenjoyable. Perhaps it'll be the first IHAO Apparel? I'll have to think on it. Maybe even a Checklist wallpaper or something. I'll get back to you guys on it.

    I'm back, baby!