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Eh, "wiki" is a bit much, but whatever.  Here are all the NPCs with all the "known" information about them.  As more is learned, more will added.


Hearthhome is a homeless shelter in southern Washington DC, in a not great part of town.  There are quite a few mortals and changelings that make their home in the shelter, as well as it being the home of the Hearthhome Freehold.  There are 4 major social courts of the Hearthhome Freehold, but no one is required to be in a court to join.  They do have to swear fealty to the ruler of the court who is running the Freehold during each season, though.


John Hearth, Elemental Fireheart (a candle), the Spring-King and acting Summer King.  He owns and runs Hearthhome, and was one of the founding members of the freehold almost 4 years ago.
Flowers, Fairest Flowering/Playmate (a rose), is John Hearth's adopted daughter.
Robbie D (Pitbull) and Robbie P (Parakeet), both Beast Truefriends and Jersey-style bros who enjoy partying and just enjoying life, despite their changed lives.
Capp, Elemental Woodblood (mushrooms), a homeless man who is very kind
Hank, Fairest Minstrel (John Morrison from WWE), a completely shameless busker with a guitar who plays with Sophia and Trinidad.  He is amazingly attractive, and just genuinely nice seeming.
Gogoat, Beast Broadback/Render (goat), a college student who enjoys being a pretentious hipster almost by accident, now spends time making and selling cheeses at farmer's markets and goblin markets.


VACANT - Summer King
Big Bad, Beast Hunterheart (a wolf), a biker who seems very angry.  He has a fetch he has tried to kill, but has been unable to do so so far.
Roach, Beast Skitterskulk (a roach), he works for DC sewer system along with Taps.  He is a not very well liked guy, being a troll and kind of a dick.  When he escaped Arcadia, he was in the sewers and came upon a sewer worker by accident, who he murdered and took his life.  He isn't proud of it ... he was just tired of being the one who got squished.
Pidge, Darkling Skogsra (a bird-man/tengu), a japanese homeless man who has a thing for birds.  He seems dour at best, and English is probably not his first language.
Flint, Elemental Earthbones (a big ole rock), a quarry rock with a "chip on  his shoulder" that was able to escape from the Leprechaun Baron’s realm before being smashed by a Crump.  When Crump (the PC) came to him, he exploded in rage, knowing exactly who Crump was and telling Crump for the first time that all the rocks he was smashing were actually people he was murdering.
Wreckless, Ogre Gristlegrinder (shark-like ogre), a phillipino-american professional eater on youtube and generally a huge diva.
Samson, Ogre Bloodbrute (gladiator ogre), a homeless man with muscles on muscles and hair to the back of his knees who is incredibly dim-witted, incredibly angry, and incredibly loyal to Ogres.  He is trying to put together an "Ogre Court" but doesn't actually know how to accomplish this goal yet.  But no matter what, "Ogres are for Ogres."


Chuck, Beast Roteater/Lurkglider, a homeless Condor that sells at the goblin market and searches for tokens.  He was the previous King Autumn, though how the court actually works is yet to be seen.
Scissors-Jack, Darkling Razorhand, a homeless guy with butcher knives for fingers.  He seems lost and very child-like ... until he begins to talk about politics.  Something about politics brings out an incredible intelligence that his nature does not show.
Layla, Fairest Shadowsoul, a professional “mistress” in Congress, and the most well-off member of the freehold.  Her shadow does not seem to match up with her motions most of the time.  She is owed a favor from Elizabeth and Hobcat in the future.
Zion, Ogre Corpsegrinder (an ogre frog-man), professional eater on youtube with Wreckless.  He seems the brains of supposed Ogre Court, though doesn't seem interested in running it.
Taps, Wizened Miner, a long nosed elfen man who also works for the city sewers.  He is a very "hands off" type.


Sophia, Darkling Nightsinger (entirely purple with white/silver hair and a sultry thick voice), a fiddle playing busker with Trinidad (her significant other) and Hank.  She is the Snow Queen, and general ruler of the Winter Court, though she always refers with Trinidad on decisions, though he is not in the court.  She runs the court with all the dignity, pomp, and circumstance of an actual medieval court.
Reba, Wizened Oracle/Chirurgeon, a “psychic healer” who makes her money faking tarot card readings, but actually does have the gift of seeing the future.  She is a former nurse as well.
Sweetheart, Darkling Illes, a hooker who is very ... shapely, but not necessarily attractive.  But for some reason, she oozes sexuality.  She purposefully obfuscates and lies, refusing to give truth to any she doesn't wish to.
Ali Baba, Elemental Sandharrowed, a homeless muslim who made his way back from Arcadia by accident, thinking he was in paradise.  He is now list-less and despairs for his knowledge, wishing for the blissful ignorance he had as a sand dune.
Manuel Santos, Wizened Brewer, (a living keg with arms and legs) owns a bar called the Black Cauldron, that houses a gambling game that Eric Vale was a part of in years past.


Calvin Hobbes, Darkling Antiquarian (a man made of paper, stuck in an old library) who now works in Office Max.  He refuses to have a court, seeing them as a waste of time, and he just wants to keep his human life going.
Daitya, Ogre Daitya (an ogre guard), a homeless woman with a magical Hedge Sword made of thorns.
Sarge, Wizened Soldier, homeless, stolen in Vietnam, freeing himself after slaughtering every other changeling he met on his escape, finding himself in China.  He made his way back and now stays in the Shelter.  He joined the Courts of the Four Directions, or Feng Shui, to survive, and has found they serve his purposes.
Trinidad, Wizened Thusser (a big blue troll), a Norwegian mandolin player.  He follows a court system from the more artic regions, the Night/Day court, and specifically is the Night King.  He helps make most decisions of the Winter Court with his significant other, Sophia.


Boston Whipperwheel, Ogre Cyclopean with a fae mount, a frog creature with seats inside of it.  He knows Turnip from his human life as well as Elizabeth, and is a "slaver" though he doesn't use the term - he sells humans to the fae.  No known court.

Lucky, Ogre Gremlin, works for the Lepreuchan Baron to find workers for his Realm with a hedge-thorn whip.

An Ogre Oni (a nosferatu looking vampire) & a Darkling Leechfinger (fat guy tentacle monster) who attacked Elizabeth and ran in the shadows.

The trumpeter, a Wizened Drudge working for the Leprechaun Baron, still in Arcadia

Jacob Odds, otherwise known as the Leprechaun Baron, a powerful fae who used to gamble with humans in the eighties, but has since moved on to other goals unknown, including buying up Crump's granite and stone warehouse.

Arnold Slatemore, Crump's fetch, scared away as Crump went to take back his life.

V, Eric Vale's fetch, who brokered a deal with Eric Vale to give Eric ungoldly amounts of money as long as Eric doesn't come into Wall Street, NYC, or kill V.

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