T.A.#s - Top 18 Favorite Films pt. 1 (18-13)

That's right, a brand new show! Check it out, and stay tuned for part 2 on the horizon.


  1. I checked back in cause I figured you were going to comment on the Rock's return to wrestling. I don't really watch the wrestling vlogs cause I don't have tv and can't watch wrestling, but this was a fun video and I'm looking forward to the next installments.

  2. Thanks, Gabe! I plan on talking about the Rock's return during my Elimination Chamber rundown, which should be going up later today.

    Expect more of these, as well as more videos, in the coming weeks, as I'm working to make sure I continue to put up content!

  3. I appreciated your distinction between a movie with music and a musical. I agree.

    I like these kinds of updates (I know I'm responding late but I've been busy, and thought I'd take a break from writing a theme song for someone).

    I'm with Gabe. I don't follow wrestling, but if that is your niche then go for it!

  4. Great to hear! I've been sitting on the next part of this for a while because of real life stuff. I'll be having it come out hopefully in a week or two.