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VLOG 1: Quick Update

(Sorry about the video quality. I normally wouldn't put something up that looks this bad ... but fuck it, I'm not doing this video again.)

VLOG 3: WWE Royal Rumble part 1

VLOG 4: WWE Royal Rumble part 2


  1. Saying the acting in Inception was bad and saying the movie thinks it's smarter than it is? I think you think you're smarter than you actually are. Actually, I know that. "The stupid thing" never spins enough for you to determine whether or not it's going to tip over. The ending is open to interpretation but you act like your "It was all a dream" theory is the definite ending, assholes like you really tend to piss me off. Poor acting? Really? Out of all the shit you love you have the nerve to say Inception has poor acting? And how can you talk about what Directors can and can't do when you have absolutely no experience? I don't even have enough time to get into your dumb Royal Rumble comments. In conclusion, you have an opinion and it's fucking retarded.

  2. This is without a doubt my favorite comment I've received.

    I knew going in that my thoughts on Inception would ruffle feathers, and that's fine. And yeah, I do certainly love moves with some poor acting. But there is a difference between my subjective love of crappy movies and my objective eye when it comes to acting. I pride myself in my ability to do both, really.

    And while the ending is open to interpretation, the directing, editting, and presentation of the film isn't. The entire film is presented as if a dream, even the sequences that may or may not be one. Sure, it is my interpretation, and that's the fun. Or lack thereof as I found in Inception.

    Oh, and I can talk about what directors can and cannot do because I direct my videos, went to school to direct, and while I may not be the best, I do certainly know what it takes to be the best.

    I hope you come back for my Rumble thoughts!

  3. you direct these shitty home videos and think that gives you any clue as to how to be 'the best' at directing major motion pictures? how fucking delusional can you possibly get.

  4. and holy fuck, you say you're not intelligent enough to figure out black swan but inception you can grasp fully on first viewing? give me a fucking break.

  5. These videos prove that there is no god.