Changeling: [untitled] - Setup and Session 0

I was previously running a Dungeons and Dragons game every monday for me and some of the good friends I had recently made through the theatre and their friends.  And that was a very fun game.  Dungeons and Dragons is a big destress for me as a DM, because it is about collaborative storytelling and watching characters interact in a world with elements I've created.  There is really nothing like table-top games.  We reached the end of the first book in our series of "novels" as I have set the plot out, with a lot of things happening, but mainly being a character leaving the group because a player moved away, another character dying and being replaced with a character that is incredibly well loved, and all the other characters hating each other and basically refusing to work together unless I give them "the sigh" and they all realize that I put together an actual something for them to do.

Some of that might sound bad, but really, it is a good group.  But I was ready for a change, a breather, a way to get all the characters on the same page, and time to give some separation for our buddy who moved. So I brought my other books up and gave two suggestions: a superhero game using a diceless system that, while not first-time-friendly, is still a very fun and good system; and a modern horror system, the World of Darkness.  We very luckily got three new people to join our group, one being my fiance, and what looked like it was going to be a group of guys all smashing things with super powers very quickly turned into everyone being really interested in doing the modern horror game.

From there it was picking a flavor, but we settled on Changeling.

I have run Changeling in the past.  I very much like Changeling.  And after a little bit of arm twisting, I'm positive all my players are super excited to play to.  Our first session is Monday, and it will start everything off, including teaching two new players how to even begin to play (but that'll be easy, I'm good there).

So I thought I would use this space to detail sessions, notes, and characters.  So lemme give a quick concept to the game, and a character breakdown.

The game will be Changeling: [untitled].  Yeah, I know, I don't have a title for the Chronicle yet.  But I do know the basics.

Our changelings will find themselves in Washington DC when they escape Arcadia and start their new lives.  They have all also given me plenty to work with for backstory, but I asked them to give me a story to mimic or homage over the course of the chronicle.  So there will be 7 or 8 "stories" - the opening one I use to get them together, then one of the ones they will pick will inform each story after, and then if I need it, a final story of my choosing to close the Chronicle.  I'm very excited for it.

Now, the characters:
  • JJ (Fairest/Telluric) was snatched and sold on the Goblin Market, transformed into a beautiful clock.
  • Elizabeth (Beast/undecided) was a homeless young girl taken by a creature in the dark and turned into a cat.
  • Turnip Husk (Beast/Swimmerskin) was a  lawyer who wanted an easy way out, responded to a "life of leisure" post on craigslist, and was taken into Arcadia and turned into a fish.
  • Yo-yo (Fairest/Muse) was an author whose rival sold him out and gave him to the fae, where he became a statue.
  • Eric Veil (Fairest/Gameplayer) was a gambler by trade, and knew a little of the occult, knowing one of his friends was a fae.  He made a wager.  And lost.  And became a game to be played.
  • Crump the 16th (Ogre/Stonebones) was a quarry worker and stone mason who was pestered by a Leprechaun and stolen away to become the Leprechaun Baron's 16th quarry miner after the last one crumbled to dust.

These six characters will together escape, form a motley, and try to find a way to survive in the real world, while avoiding the fae, dealing with other changelings, and other fairy tale weirdness.  It'll be a good game.

Tell me your thoughts.  I need a name for the chronicle as a whole, and I just generally am interested in hearing what any one of you is thinking.



  1. This sounds like a ton of fun! I hope they meet some fun NPC's.