IHAO on ... Lovelace

It is a damned shame that this film has no nominations in the Academy this year.  Because it was heartwrenching and wonderful.

As a critic/reviewer/blogger/whatever-I-am-doing-with-my-life, I like to keep up with other reviewers and critics, see what their thoughts are, and broaden my own scope.  Top ten lists are an easy place to get quick reviews and thoughts, and of course “Best of 2013” lists are interesting to me.  And only one reviewer I follow talked about Lovelace.  He called it the best film he saw last year.  Now that I have seen it, I understand.  I can barely argue.  Pain & Gain knocked it out of the park for me, becoming an all-time favorite, but this would easily have made number 2.

Amanda Seyfried was phenomenal.  Every little thing, portraying every aspect of Linda Lovelace’s life from growing up a young adult who had made mistakes to falling in love to … just all the things in her life.  If you don’t know, this is the story of the porn actress who made one film that is probably the most known porn film of all time, Deepthroat.  And the real story of her life, as well as the perceived one.  It is heartbreaking, but still charming and funny in a few places.  And that is thanks to the great writing and Seyfried’s amazing work.  It is a huge huge shame she is not nominated for Best Actress.

Or you know, just keep giving it to this woman instead.  Sure.

Sharon Stone also deserves HUGE credit for playing Lovelace’s mother, as well as Robert Patrick as her father.  This movie is filled with great actors, but Seyfried, Stone, and Patrick take the cake.  They were remarkable.  The movie is remarkable.  It is not an easy sit, but it is a worthwhile one.  Please, I implore you, watch this film.  It deserves to be seen, and shared.  It was wonderful.

Grade: A+

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