IHAO on ... 2014 - a Year in Review Prologue

*Blows a stupid plastic horn and throws confetti*

By the time Thursday rolls along, we will be in a brand new year!  2014 has been a pretty great year, but at the same time an incredibly difficult one in a lot of very personal ways.  It has been filled with wonderful entertainment as well as some real garbage.  Insomnia and depression, but great friends and times spent with loved ones.  And, most importantly, it has been the first (almost) full year of steadfast reviewing I've done.  I've learned a lot in this year, and I have bigger and better things planned for the future, including new kinds of articles and editorials, a facebook fanpage, a new potential for fan subscriptions to support IHAO, and a lot more reviews.

With so much having happened, I have a lot to cover.  So I am writing THREE “Of the Year” articles for 2014: Wrestling, Film, and Everything-Else!  I asked my friends on Facebook to provide categories for the Wrestling and Everything-Else articles, and the Films will be an actual gathering of the best (and worst) I've seen for this site this year.  I hope to see everyone commenting and enjoying themselves all week before we jump into a brand new year with new reviews starting on January 5th (or maybe a little sooner!).  See you tomorrow for WRESTLING BEST OF THE YEAR 2014!


Time to clean up that confetti

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