Arbitrary Numbers: Top # Kid Snippets

I talked about previous a great comedy youtube channel and series of videos for you to watch whenever you want, sharing it with everyone.  Well, recently, there has been an epidemic of funny going on on another channel.  It is an epidemic because it has spread throughout the house, all because a crafty girlfriend brought it in, shared it with her boyfriend, then he shared it with me, and I shared it with my wife, and then we've started spreading it to everyone in the house, and now outside of the house.  The humor is contagious, improvised, and perfect in almost every way.  There are 96 episodes currently, and they update with a new one every Monday.  And it is just absolutely glorious, and as you can tell from the title, it is called Kid Snippets.

Kid Snippets can be found on the Bored Shorts TV channel, and they are glorious.  Basically, they give a setup for some scenario or scene to some kids, probably no older than 10 (I'm not sure on their age), and then record them playing out the scene.  Then, a group of fantastic actors get together and stage and film this audio, lip syncing it all perfectly.  We don't know the actors names in our home, so we call our four favorites: Neil Dad Harris, Goatee, Handsome, and the fourth one that is really really good.  There's also Hat Guy, Blonde Chick, Big Eye Girl, and a lot of others that don't show up as often.  But it is mainly those four, and they are amazing at what they do.  My PERSONAL favorite is Handsome, followed by Neil Dad Harris, but really they are all just incredibly good at it.

Now I know that you all cannot just jump into 96 episodes of a youtube channel show, even if they are all basically 4 minutes or less.  So I've decided to do another edition of Arbitrary Numbers!  So here we go!!!

Top 21 Episodes of Kid Snippets

Ok, so that's a bit much.  Hmmm ... ok, lemme cut these down some.  Just the cream of the crop, the absolute funniest, the ones that everyone I know cannot stop quoting.  Also, I'm going to instead of embedding the videos, which makes viewing on mobile devices hard, just going to link in each listing, so click on them already!!  So that trims it down to the ...

Top 9 Episodes of Kid Snippets

#9 - Pest Control

Pest Control is a great starting point.  It is just two kids, talking about bugs, and how they ruin your house and your life and the UNIVERSE.  It also features my favorite actor, Handsome, just being charming as hell, and doing what he does best: accurate, nonverbal lip syncing.  See him cough and lisp and over-articulate just like his voice is just amazing.  It also has a lot of really clever, but not in your face, visual gags that I absolutely love.

#8 - Josh Groban Backstage & Josh Groban Pizza

I was going to put some funny gif, but this one is so well lit and shot ... it made me swoon.

In this two parter, we get to see that Josh Groban is not only funny, not only has a voice of the most beautiful baritone angel, but he also knows how to lip sync to little children getting indignant about pizza and not being able to go backstage.  It is pretty amazing.  The only reason these aren't any higher are because of pure hilariousness.

Josh Groban Backstage is quite literally Josh Groban not being aloud backstage at his own concert.  But it features a little kid who sings, an amazing editing joke, and some pretty awesome freak out work.  But I'm gonna be honest; this video only makes it in because of its connection to Josh Groban Pizza.

Josh Groban Pizza is perfect.  It features 4th Man and Josh Groban, and is absolutely astonishing.  Fake yelling, an argument about how long it takes to make a pizza, a celebrity going nuts not getting his way.  It is perfect.  Josh Groban is hilarious here, as is 4th Man, and I cannot wait to see Josh Groban return to Kid Snippets.  It is absolutely quotable, and my roommate and I find ourselves quoting this exchange a lot.

#7 - Weight Loss Infomercial

Look, everyone, Goatee and Neil Dad Harris!  These two are so good at what they do, and Neil Dad Harris in particular can absolutely ruin me with just a look.  But we have a special case here, as we have another celebrity on this video: Benson.  Benson is a comedy god, and is probably only 6.  The world is going to change drastically when he gets old enough to become the next Dane Cook + Seinfeld + Bill Murray.  I cannot wait for the day.  He is incredibly fun to quote and the actors always seem to love performing his little tirades.

But what happens in Weight Loss Infomercial?  Well, they try to sell us some weight loss pills.  Ok, so the setup isn't hilarious, but Benson and his little girl friend that he seems to bounce off of a lot in these just absolutely make this one.  It could be higher if they took the joke further and there was more to it, but Benson alone is hilarious, and this video had to make the list.  How how how how how!

#6 - The Wand of Universal Power Part 2 (and 1 and 3)

Just like the epic-ification of films, we need an epic series of kids acting out LARPing.  And this is perfect.  I put Part 2 first because it is my actual favorite and is incredibly hilarious.  It just has two kids arguing over what noises chickens make.  That joke has been quoted almost every day since we saw this video.  And they keep getting better.  The costuming, the location, the acting, it has every single one of the kids and every single one of the actors.  It is a huge undertaking, and I cannot wait for the epic finale.  Check them out:

Also, Benson is the evilest of evil.  :D

#5 - Ultimate Workout

Ultimate Workout is the perfect use of denial.  You see, denial is a form of subversion in comedy.  A character sets something up, only to be denied, forcing the character to up the ante.  Every time they get denied, the tension grows and the comedy does.  Denial does't necessarily mean "no" every time, such as with Who's On First, the very famous routine, which is a classic two-man denial sketch.  But here, it is just "no."  And Goatee doing an amazing job of getting so frenetic.  It is just a great joke from beginning to end, and it is hard to believe we just have little kids making such perfect jokes.  Check it out.

#4 - Book Report

Benson, you spoil me.  You absolutely spoil me.  Because this is amazing.  From how earnest the little girl is in giving her little book report on the movie Frozen, and singing so sweetly "Let it Go," and 4th Man (I've got to come up with a better thing to call him, because he's SOOO good, I hate to continue to make him sound like the bottom rung of skill of the 4 greats) just being so soulful.  Then Goatee once again playing Benson as another dick, this time as the teacher eating snacks through her Frozen book report.

Book Report is just wonderful.  It is the first one I watched, and it hooked me.  And it will have you quoting "Continue with your book report" all the time.  Check this one out.

#3 - Cooking Show

Sometimes these videos are hilarious because of the kids.  Sometimes it is hilarious because of the acting.  But sometimes, you get the perfect mix.  Throw in some slapstic ridiculousness, and ... I can't even.  I just can't even.  

The best part about this video is that the recipe the kids come up with on the Cooking Show, they actually make.  You watch them throw all these things together in a bowl, then in the oven, and actually get to see the results.  It is so viscerally hilarious and disgusting.  And on top of that, the kids arguing with each other on ingredients, and the adults putting on these enormous smiles!  And there is a moment where you can just see everyone having a great time, with the kids laughing to each other and the adults, Neil Dad Harris and Goatee, just laughing along in sync.  It makes me happy inside.

#2 Star Wars Cantina

Kid Snippets version of the Star Wars Cantina is just wonderful.  Just like with the epic, we have amazing costuming and visuals.  But with it being Star Wars, the kids know the story and all together retell the Cantina scene.  It is so glorious.  They hit every beat of the plot in the scene, and do the characters hilariously.  Hearing the kids do alien voices, and Luke just laughing at the noises is so wonderful.  Plus, there are so many quotable jokes: "Faster than a CENTIPEDE!" "I'm still here.  See, I came back."  And we get Neil Dad Harris just smiling and laughing, Handsome being a hilarious kid version of Chewbacca, Goatee playing Obi-Wan, and 4th Man being the mouth of Benson playing Han Solo!!  It is the PERFECT Cantina scene.  There is nothing better.  I'd rather watch this on loop than any episode of Star Wars.  And even better, it is only 5 minutes long, and is criminally not at a million views yet.  Help this video out!

Now, before I get to the number one, I have to reiterate, these are not the only good ones.  Having to cut out a bunch of videos was hard.  There are SOOOO many hilarious ones, like Repairman, Bedtime, or Drivers Ed.  But I want to allow all of you to explore!  Check out Kid Snippets on Bored Shorts TV and subscribe!  These guys are incredible.  Now, number one ...

#1 - Hunting

It is so incredibly hard for me to put into words why Hunting is so perfect.  It is Handsome and Cute Girl running around in the woods hunting.  It is like a live action cartoon with how the comedy hits.  It just does not let up.  I'm always laughing so hard that I miss jokes.  It is jam packed with incredibly jokes over and over.  And Handsome and Cute Girl are both so good.  So incredibly good.  Seeing Handsome be willing to use all his articulation-sync on the amazing animal calls murders me dead every time I watch this video.  Go, go watch it.

Really go watch them all.  Share them on facebook.  Share me with them.  Share them with ME!  Let's get everyone involved to ONE MILLION thousand views! Before you leave, also, I need your help!  I am goign to do another AMA on August 1st.  So I need questions.  Send me questions in my email, in the comments here or in my ask on Tumblr.  Mark your calender and help a brother out!

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