Nanarsday ... Bloodmoon

Man, I absolutely LOVE Nanarsday!  I love sharing these ridiculous films with you all, and I hope that I'm able to highlight them for some to go find, because they are amazing.  I wasn't always like this.  I didn't always like terrible bad movies.  And I know exactly who to blame: my best bud from college.  Because it is his fault that I watched a LOT of crappy movies.  He introduced me to Wu Tang Clan kung fu like I talked about last week.  We did my first Nightmare on Elm Street films.  We watched Troll and Troll 2.  I didn't think about movies in terms I currently do until then.  It was the beginning of the end.

Building up a tolerance/love for these kind of films doesn't come easy.  But it is one of the greatest things in the world!  And some of these movies are legitimately some of the best films I've ever watched, from a film watching experience with all my friends.  And it is all because no matter how bad these films are, no matter how bad they get, there is at least SOMETHING good in them.  Some have no redeeming qualities besides the people making it were truly trying to make the best movie they could, and that is a key component, that sincerity.  But most have something to offer.  And today's film is all about just that ONE thing.

It should come as no surprise when I say that stuntmen are not the best actors in the world.  The also aren't the best writers or directors.  But man, when they want to have a good fight scene, they know what they are doing.  And that is basically this ENTIRE FILM.  Yes, there is a plot in there about a serial killer in a mask killing great fighters, including Rob Van Dam of ECW, WWE, and TNA fame, and the cops out to stop that killer.  And sure, there is a love story as well, and a little bit of mystery.  But nah, we all came for the action!

And there are so many wonderfully bad things in this.  There's the classic bad stuff, like emotionless leading man who doesn't show up until 15 minutes in.  There's the over the top ridiculous main villain who in every single fight wears a mask and then takes it off, completely arbitrarily.  But there's the Eddie Murphy rip-off secondary lead protagonist who is constantly doing magic tricks.  Let that phrase sink in.  He's doing an Eddie Murphy impression, is the first lead character you meet in the film, and his defining characteristic is doing magic tricks.  It. is. GLORIOUS.

The music is so bad, and film quality is atrocious.  The movie looks like an 80s film and it is made in 1996.  I can go on and on.  But none of that matters.  Because the fight scenes are all fabulous!  They are the money maker.  They get you in.  You get all the bad movie tropes, and you get all sorts of amazing action on top of it.  It reminds me a lot of Dead Heat, in that I'm not quite ready to give this an F because one element is so well done.  But nonetheless, Bloodmoon 100% falls in the nanar category, and it makes me the happiest action camper in the world.

Grade: D++

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