Arbitrary Numbers: Top # Matches That Could Have Been, Part 3

Welcome back everyone!  Part 1 is under this link, Part 2 is under this one, so let's get going with Part 3 ...

The Top  Next 25 6 Matches that Could Have, But Didn’t Happen

nWo v. HHH, the Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin AND Kurt Angle v. Jericho - 2002

Michael:  This is part of a heavily rumored WrestleMania X8 card, which I think would have worked better than what we got.  The nWo were a PPV boon which the WWF utterly wasted. Them v the 3 biggest stars in the WWF would have been a money match, and protected the five stars who were rusty.

What it would also do would be to have given the fans their Hogan and Austin match, without worrying about which of them had to job to the other. Also, a flipside is that Kurt Angle wouldn’t have had the last minute Kane match, having been in the title picture in the build up to Mania. As for Jericho, he would have been the face in Toronto, could have defended, and then easily dropped the belt soon after.

Jessel: This also would have been Kurt Angle's big Royal Rumble win to set him up for his match against Jericho, and gotten Stephanie OUT of the picture, or even better, with Angle so that Jericho could return to his name-calling face antics against one of his greatest rivals.

Oh yeah, I'm going to be adding commentary, because this is my blog so shut up.

The Rock v. Shawn Michaels - Wrestlemania XIX

Lenny:  There was really no reason whatsoever for Shawn Michaels to win the first ever Elimination Chamber match just to lose the belt the next month to HHH (in an awful match).  It was a "YAY!" moment for fans of Michaels, but really ended up being kinda a slap in the face when you saw it was just another transition win for Triple H (again).

Shawn went on to face Jericho at Mania and Hollywood Heel Rock went on to face Austin.  Now, I don't know EXACTLY what the Rock's movie schedule was for the Mummy Returns or Scorpion King or whatever was, but I'm going to assume that it wasn't IMPOSSIBLE for this match to be pulled off.  Let's say Shawn Michaels was competing in an Elimination Chamber qualifying match.  He's about to beat whoever when the Rock interferes and costs Michaels the win.  The Rock explains that he was so sick of how everyone was SO proud of Michaels win at Summerslam in 2002 and that nobody cared that he lost.  The Rock is sick of the fans's obsession with washed-up, screwed-up, broken Shawn Michaels when the Rock is THE GREAT ONE!

This leads to the feud between the Rock and Shawn Michaels, colliding at Wrestlemania 19.  We don't get Jericho/HBK (which is fine; that match is overrated) and we don't get Rock/Austin (which is even more fine!).  See below.

Poor Jericho.

Jessel: Just gonna poke my head in and say I very much disagree on HBK/Jericho.  Carry on.

Goldberg v. Stone Cold Steve Austin - Wrestlemania XIX

Lenny:  How is it that the WWF could get Goldberg for Backlash but not Wrestlemania XIX?  Come on.  This match should've happened!  If this was one of those cases of "this is my last match and I want to pick The Rock as my last opponent," then Vince should've really sat him down and explained how dumb and boring that idea was.  Cause that idea is dumb and boring.

Jessel: Uh ... uh ... I feel like I need to step in here again ... is Lenny the IHAO wrestling heel?

Lenny: The dream match people wanted was Goldberg/Austin.  It was still fresh enough in people's minds to be a must-see match!  Definitely more so than Austin/Rock again!  Austin v. Goldberg should've been set as Goldberg's first match and Austin should've put Goldberg over.  I am always of the belief that if you're leaving, you're losing, and you should be losing to someone who's staying!  Goldberg benefited from beating the Rock and I've always been (partly) a Rock fan for that, but Goldberg going over Austin would've just been delicious.  Imagine Goldberg going over Austin then over the Rock.  Back-to-back.  Jericho could've been bragging that he did it THE SAME NIGHT and then their match at Badd Blodd would've had a whole new level of importance.

Jessel: You know what, I'm in.


Booker T v. Chris Jericho v. Scott Steiner v. Triple H - Wrestlemania XIX

Lenny:  In case you're wondering, I think Wrestlemania XIX is the most poorly booked Wrestlemania of all time.

Michael: Oof, its my favorite Mania!

Jessel: I'm in the middle.  As in I loved the midcard.

Lenny Should've been so much more!  For example, Booker T should have won the elimination chamber match.  I don't know how long the plan was to feed WCW guys to Triple H, but the entire 2003 slaughter was infuriating.  Booker T should've walked out of the chamber with the belt and Triple H should've cheated to recapture it at Armageddon, leading to this match for the belt.  Make the whole storyline be about Triple H beating up on WCW guys and them being sick of it.  Triple H v. WCW basically and now he has to face them all, Fatal 4 Way, belt on the line.

Jessel: Jericho?  He's been with the WWF at this point for 3 years.

Lenny: ...

JesselI'mma hush up now, this is your entry.

Lenny: This was perfectly setup to be the focus of 2003, but it never gets mentioned.  The Game vs. WCW.  2003.  Could have been awesome build-up to this match, especially with Ric Flair being in the corner of Triple H.  Will Flair stay there?  Will he back-up Hunter or help one of his old friends?  Can Booker T or Jericho get in his head?  Can Steiner have this match without killing someone?  We'll find out soon.

Jessel: I gotta say, I at least agree that Booker T should have won this match.  Michael?

Michael: Yes, and I'm not a Booker T fan.  Just the way they booked it, he kind of had to win, and he didn't.

Jessel: Sad.  ...

CM Punk v. Shawn Michaels - 2007 to 2010

Jessel: Speaking of fantasy booking ...

Michael:  More a source of bemusement. CM Punk was around for a whole four years Shawn Michaels was, and they never once wrestled. Not even on Smackdown. Hell, Trevor Murdoch got a match with Shawn Michaels in this time period. WWE like to showcase their ‘premier matches’, its just mad to think they had one on the table they never bothered to use!

Jessel: And that is Michael's last entry!  Thank you so much, I'll make sure to get you to help out more often.  And so that leaves me with ...

Lenny: ...

Jessel: *gulp*

William Regal v. The Undertaker - Wrestlemania XXVI

LennyI always, always, always wanted to see William Regal have a legitimate run at the Streak at WrestleMania.  I don't care if it's Regal in his prime or Attitude Era Regal or Old Man Regal.  Regal has been one of the most technically gifted and charismatic wrestlers in the history of the WWE and has a violent move-set that looks realistic enough to beat anyone.  The way his submissions look when he locks them on just feels painful to watch.

I would've run the story in 2010, with Regal being given a Hall of Fame spot, but not accepting it because he doesn't think he deserves it.  He vows to do something to prove to himself, and all the fans, he truly belongs in the Hall of Fame.  Up until Survivor Series 2009 he tries and fails to capture championship gold, but Hall of Famers (Austin, Hogan, Flair, Steamboat) continue encouraging him to fight for it, so he then challenges Taker for the Streak.

He's the underdog, obviously, but he has the support of the babyface legends, the fans, and even Taker.  Regal goes on a merciless streak leading to Mania, beating everyone that gets in his way, until they finally collide.  The Streak v. Regal's Hall of Fame spot.


Ok, so lots of fun stuff this time!  Not as much on the "could have beens" from a backstage perspective, but I definitely enjoyed the whole thing.  Next week is the end as we move into the Cena era of garbage, and the last 7 matches from myself and Lenny, including another shot at the Streak, a completely reworked Royal Rumble, and a very sad indy venture that makes me very very sad.  Give me sad Jericho pryos one more time, gif man.

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