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Jerry Seinfeld is an anthropomorphic insect who is Jewish, from New York, funny, and the world is slightly off-kilter to make a stronger point of the themes within his written and produced ethic-ality comedy.  Ethic-ality, by the way, is a sideways take on morality.  Like, morality stories are about right and wrong in a sense of natural human rights.  Don't murder, be good to other people, so on so on.  Ethic-ality are about the right and wrong of societal rights.  Don't litter, be an observant citizen, so on so on.  It is a weird thing to think about, because it is not the stuff that films are generally made of.  And it is one of the things that makes this movie great!

Oh yeah, did I not say that?  Did I lead you on in some weird way?  Well I didn't mean to.  Because this movie is the bee's knees, and all that and a bag of chips.  It is hilarious.  It is a laugh riot, and I mean that!  That phrase gets thrown around a lot, but think about a riot.  Just a nonstop barrage of laughs, yelling because their hockey team lost, ripping up lampposts, stealing televisions, and lighting cars on fire.  Except all those things are jokes.  The first 3 minutes are filled with so many puns, jokes, nonsequiturs, and wonderfully hilarious curiosities that I was dumbfounded.  My brain had been overloaded by the laugh riot.

Hot Rod is super funny, you guys.

I'm saying the movie is funny.

Not only that, it is interesting.  It just goes in directions that I could not predict.  It is wholly and completely ... unique.  Unprecedented.  And really excellent.  Great voice acting all around.  Hilarious characterizations.  Jokes that will stick with me for a long time, without a doubt.  It is touching and curious and hilarious.  It is beautiful and super well animated.  It takes chances that PG family movies do not take any longer.  And its the reason I love Dreamworks films.  Pixar is fine, but when Dreamworks does it great, it is just fantastic.

Oh plot.  A bee is finally going to get his job, which all bees do for the rest of their lives.  And that sits a little odd with him.  So he finds a way out of the hive, meets a human, breaks the bee rules and talks to the human, learns about the honey industry, and sues them.

And you should probably know what my grade is going to bee ...

Grade: B


Ok, it's an A+, but the joke is too good.

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