IHAO on ... Brooklyn Nine Nine

Comedy!  Cops!  Sitcom!  Procedural!  Terry Crews!  Andre Brauer!  Andy Samberg!  Jokes!  More jokes!  That's it!  Stop typing!  Like this!  Help!  Help!  I'm stuck!  In this!  Stupid rhythm!  And it!  Makes typing!  Really tedious!  Plus my!  Right shift!  Key sticks1  See right!  There it!  Stuck and!  Made me!  Type wrong!

Ok so yeah, I just finished watching the entire first season of Brooklyn Nine Nine.  And I thought, "Hey, instead of having to realize I wasted a whole bunch of time, why don't I write a review of it so that it was totally worth it in the long run!"  So I sure am doing that.

Man, how do I even approach this show.  Ok, let me do this: it sure does feel like a whole bunch of other shows, in both good ways and bad ways.  There's a Dr. Cox, there's a Jerry, there's an April, there's an Elliot, there's a second Jerry, there's an Andy Samberg ... ok, so he's not a sitcom staple.  There's even more archetypal characters, like the loser screw-up, the firey angry latina, the Terry Crews ... ok, he's also not a staple character.  The three leads, Terry Crews, Andre Brauer, and Andy Samberg, are all flawless.  Watching them interact with each other is just the absolute best part of the show.  Terry Crews may in fact be the most perfect human being on the planet.

Yet somehow ... the show doesn't quite have the heart of Parks and Recreation or the non-stop humor of a really good workplace sitcom like Newsradio.  It gets bogged down having to actually do police stuff, kind of like how Scrubs actually has to do hospital stuff, except Scrubs was able to come up with a very pleasant pattern with three intersecting stories that all share a common theme.  Brooklyn Nine Nine just has your standard two stories, A-plot and B-plot.  Except the A-plot never seems important enough, and the B-plot gets too much time.  It ends up feeling like two B-plots.

Let me make it clear, the show is funny.  It is a constant string of chuckles, and a very entertaining watch.  It is also very easy to put on and forget about, because the things that make a good sitcom great is delving deeper and deeper into either jokes or characters.  And Brooklyn Nine Nine does neither.  It is a perfectly good show filled with chuckles, but I certainly cannot think of a time I would go out of my way to watch the show.

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