IHAO on ... See No Evil 2

I really really liked See No Evil.  Like, super duper liked it.  I would dare say it is a GREAT movie ... except I know better.  Yeah, it is not the best written thing when it comes to dialogue, and it is VERY trope-oriented for a slasher film.  But what makes See No Evil great is that it uses all those tropes and either subverts them or embellishes them.  Jacob Goodnight is just a human, a big ole monster of one that isn't quite right in the head.  But you watch him run, you watch him think.  He is an incredibly interesting slasher villain.  And the camera never shies away from him, either.  We get to watch him think, and act.  He isn't one-liners, he isn't one-note, he is a complicated villain, that makes the stakes even higher for our young adults (they aren't teenagers at all) trying to survive.  See No Evil is easily my favorite slasher film.  Grade: B+++

I actually reviewed it earlier on this site, if you wanna go digging through archives to find when I did video reviews, cursed more, and lived in a different state.  I'm actually pretty proud of the See No Evil review.  But that is neither here nor there.  See No Evil 2 is awful.  It is no bueno.

"No bueno" is the actual words that I said after viewing it.  It was the only thing I could say.  See No Evil 2 = No bueno.

It makes me very mad and sad, because it ... it is just terrible.  It has so many flashbacks from the first film, and is already super short, but feels super long.  All the good stuff that they did with Jacob Goodnight before, now he is spouting out weird monologues and awful stuff.  The characters are all terrible.  The set is atrocious.  The deaths are unmemorable at best.  The plot is terrible, because there isn't one.

Here you wanna know the plot?  Jacob Goodnight, who the first movie absolutely 100% kills without any doubt in an over the top ridiculous way, didn't die, and is killing people in the morgue.  That's it.  That's the end.  There's no character arc, no story progression, he just kills everyone.  The only surprising, trope redefining thing that See No Evil 2 does is there is no survivors.  Spoiler.  Except not, because I don't want anyone to watch See No Evil 2.

I love supporting WWE films.  I watch all of them when I get the chance.  I buy them even more likely.  But this movie was trash.  The only good thing about it was Katharine Isabelle, better known as Ginger Snaps from the horror franchise of the same name.  She was always over the top and entertaining.  No other character, not a single one of the other characters were.  Well, that's not quite fair.  The film didn't really start going downhill until Michael Eklund died.  He was also good.  That's all the nice things I can say about this movie.  The deaths were lame, the props were lame, the costume was lame, the writing was lame, the direction was boring, the film was probably 1/10 flashbacks in an already ridiculously short 90 minute film, and it felt like it was probably another hour on top of that.  Avoid, and do not watch.  Go watch the original one.  That one is great!

Grade: F-

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