IHAO on ... WWE Survivor Series 2014 part 1

This month has been FREE WWE NETWORK MONTH.  Little good it did me since I pay for it.  But what does that mean?  That means that this pay per view, free of charge, is a big ole commercial for the future of the WWE.  The future that they want people to buy the Network for all the way to the Road to Wrestlemania.  It is a little early this year to start the Road, but it has been starting earlier and earlier every year, so this is as good a place as any.  I will be honest, I am staring at the PPV, paused, right now, and I am not very excited.  These past PPVs have been lackluster, and I'm just not sure if I'm happy with where the main shows are going.  NXT continues to be amazing, but the regular show?  Oof, it has been dumb.

Well, I cannot put it off any longer.  No Pre-show this time around.  Gifs will be from wrasslormonkey.

Reverse Elimination Promo

We open with Vince coming out and restating how important this is.  Then the Authority do the same thing.  Then Cena.  The stakes are high.  This is the game-changer, the beginning of a new future.  The ante gets uped on the main event, as now either Team Authority wins and everyone on Team Cena is fired (other than Cena), or Team Cena wins and the Authority is no longer in power, at all, period, unless Cena gives them their power back.  It is an interesting twist, and frankly, this is a pretty classic promo that Vince is known for doing.  This is a big deal ... maybe.  We'll see how this goes.

Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Championship Match - Usos v. The Miz and Damien Mizdow v. Los Matadores v. The Brothers of Dust-struction (c)

I love this gimmick.  This is a match I could watch all the time, because there is so much competition and sports without all the garbage of no DQ or no rules stuff.  On top of that there is the great story of the fans wanting Mizdow to finally turn face and turn on the Miz.  Whenever the Miz would do something for the crowd, they'd boo, and then Mizdow would do it and they'd cheer like mad.  The story is fantastic, and everyone knows it, so they keep not letting Mizdow in and the fans want it more and more and more.  Los Matadores and the Dust Brothers have been the workhorses the whole match, and they really really did a great job.  Lots of counters, reversals, and other stuff.  Lots of great stuff ...

 except from the Usos, so did the same stuff they always do.  I hate the jump over the ropes at everyone section of these matches.  Bah.  The finish of the match, other than that everyone thrown at everyone segment, was great, with Mizdow winning for Miz and the crowd loving Mizdow and booing Miz.  It is a nice little team, and when Mizdow officially gets out from under Miz, good things will come.  I liked this match, and the story, and the work, other than the over-the-ropes thing, like I keep saying.

Verdict - I liked it,  Good opening.

Slator Gator hang out with Adam Rose and the bunny to sell toys because Rose is kinda turning heel, kinda?

Eh.  This is just kinda lame, but it sets up a match.  Because they didn't have the matches for the PPV picked before now?

Survivor Series match: Paige, Layla, Cameron, Summer Rae v. Natalya, Naomi, Emma, Alicia Fox

I guess Alicia is face now.  Whatever.  I'm excited.  I legitimately like a lot of these women, and Cameron, Summer Rae, and Alicia are all gonna get out quickly anyway ... I hope.

Cameron can't even make a slap look like it connected.  Ugh, Cameron is so bad.  Luckily first out.  These chicks are working real hard.  Other than a few, most are not good workers, but they are working hard to keep a crowd entertained, and I think it is a great job.  The match becomes Paige versus all four the others, and that's awesome stuff because she is so good.  Then Naomi wins with an awesome new finisher (thank goodness) and the good guys win.  It was a pretty good fun divas tag match.

Verdict - I don't know what people can ask for.  They worked damn hard and put on the best divas tag match in a very long time.  The weak ones were weak, but the match itself was a pretty good match.

Dean Ambrose v. Bray Wyatt

What happens when two unorthodox wrestlers wrestle each other?  Kinda ... nothing, I guess.  I really feel like I should be into this, because I love ole Lizard Tongue, but I just don't really care.  And it isn't a bad match or anything, it is a pretty good one.  I just don't really care.

They start getting me into the match after the early almost double count-out segment.  There's some great counters and moves that really hit hard which I really like.  This makes me want to see Sheamus v. Bray Wyatt.

But then it went to a weird final segment that just does not do it for me.  It was all just to set up for the next match in the series so both guys can continue to be occupied in the midcard.

Verdict - Eh, I liked a short section in the middle.  The rest was meh.

Team Authority are the Kobra Kai


Adam Rose and the Bunny v. Slator Gator

This is just a waste of time and bunny puns.  Ugh.  I like that Adam Rose is turning heel, because that wrestler before this gimmick, is way better as a heel.

Verdict - Ugh.

Roman Reigns is on a big ole tv

Roman clearly went to acting classes, and this is them showing it off.  Good for him.  I liked him before he debuted.  I didn't care about him as he was progressing, so this time off is a real good thing for him.

Team Cena are nervous, and RYBACK HAS A NEW SHIRT!!!!

I LOVE Ryback's new shirt and want one right now!  Also, the Team Cena guys talked.

Divas' Championship: Nikki Bella w/ Brie Bella v. AJ Lee (c)

Nikki has be improving like crazy in-ring, and AJ is boring.  So I am rooting for Nikki.  This title has been treated like a real title for a good long time now, which is awesome.  We already had one good Divas match.  And I'm really excited for this one.

And ... that match is over in seconds.  Brie kisses AJ, then Nikki hits her, then hits her finish, and that's the end.  Uh ... wow.  Not what I expected.  But I'm good with it.  Maybe rumor of AJ being done with the company is true.  Who knows.  Must have been some kiss.

As much as I could not handle the thing that happened here, my WWE Network connection could either and kicked me.  It then wouldn't come back up for ten minutes or so.  Crazy.  Must have been some kiss.  Yup did that joke again.

Update, the network is still down.  We are now twenty minutes after the shut down.  Still cannot watch the main event.  This is kind of ridiculous, especially since I ACTUaLLY PAID FOR THIS MONTH, WWE!!!

30 minutes in ... still down.  I'm going to watch an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Be back later.


I'm not quite into the show even by this point, but I do think that Ward is a cool character, as well as May.  It hasn't really improved since I last gave up, which was on episode 5 I believe.  But being on Netflix makes it possible for me to just go ahead and power through.

Bill Paxton shows up this episode, and that's fun.  He was great in Nightcrawler, so that's neat.

22 minutes into the episode, I decide it is time to take a break and see if the Network will work for me.  Mostly because it is 4am and I really have to get this written before I get to sleep.  Still no good though, even though I'm using the same device to watch Netflix and the Network.  Let me try my tablet ... Also a no go.  Awesome job, WWE.  I guess this is actually part 1.  I'll watch the main event and talk about it and other stuff in part two tomorrow.  Sorry to split this up, because I hate that, but that's all I can do until the WWE works with me.

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