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This was a crazy experience.  +1 is just a really neato cool movie filled with a lot of great ideas.  It has some problems, but I liked the flick.  The basic premise without spoilers as best as I can, is that a sci-fi phenomenon happens that creates duplicates of the party-goers at a welcome-back-from-college party.  And we watch the existential crisis and tension build because of this.

A sci-fi, existential art, thriller, party film is a difficult film to quantify.  But I'm very happy it was made, and even happier to watch it.  The way the tension builds is ... well, ok, one complaint is that our characters have to jump to a conclusion that the movie wants them to so we can get to the real meat of what the filmmakers were trying to get to.  It is a bit irritating, but forgivable.  In the same vein of irritating but forgivable, our first protagonist is unfortunately not a very strong actor.  He's serviceable, but a better actor could have really taken this surprisingly difficult role and done something special with it.  All the other actors actually surprised me with their skill, though.

The visuals with the duplicates are ... it is pretty nuts.  I suspect they hired a whole bunch of twins ... but maybe not?  I don't know.  It was believable, and with such a crazy premise, that is a big deal.  The ending is not an easy pill to swallow.  And that is part of charm and point to the film.

Animated gif to show both symbolically show the impact of the ending of +1, as well as bring up page views because Doctor Who: CHECK

This is not an easy movie to talk about.  I really do not want to spoil anything for you, but I have to tantalize you enough to check it out.  It is currently streaming on Netflix, and you can buy it on Amazon.  If anything I said intrigued you at all, I implore you to give this a watch.  More films like this need to be made: unique, thrilling, and unafraid to pull punches, even if characters have to suffer a little because the writers didn't quite know how to get to the place they wanted to story to go.

Grade: B+

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