Trailer Trash: Sabatoge; Joe; Brick Mansions; The Two Faces of January; Think Like a Man, Too

Welcome back to Trailer Trash.  After a great first iteration, I got a little bit of feedback, and will not include links to the trailers I review at the bottom of the post.  


This movie is like the Expendables with some real balls.  It is gory and violent and rated R without any of that cheese.  And I think it’ll serve this film well.  You got Schwarzengger leading a DEA task force filled with great (tv) actors and it just looks like a crazy wild ride about corruption in their team and not knowing who to trust and fighting the drug cartels.  I am super stoked for it, and it is the kind of film I’ll be seeing alone because my wife will absolutely never watch this movie with me.

Verdict – TREASURE

The Two Faces of January

A travel thriller starring Viggo Mortensen and Kirsten Dunst about … I dunno, a dude trying to kill another dude but also helping the same guy because if he doesn’t he’ll go to jail but no matter what they are both going to go to jail and they are on the run because of money and stuff.  I’m certainly very uninterested from just the two minutes I watched.  It already bothered me that within the trailer you see that even though these characters are being searched for, the most they do to hide their identity is wear a hat.  Not change their clothes, cut their hair, or even wear a long/large jacket.  Nope, just put on a hat.  I’m not excited for this one.  Not only that, it seems to me that most of the third act twists are revealed in this trailer.  So a film I'm already not too interested in showed me the plot points and culmination of the film in such a way that I feel pretty positively I know what is happening.  Yeah, ok, sure.  Good job.

Verdict – TRASH

Brick Mansions

Déjà vu?  Oh man.  Ok, this movie is an almost shot-for-shot American remake of an AMAZING French action film, Banlieue 13.  I recognized it from the very first shot of the trailer.  It even stars David Belle, one of the founders of parkour, who was one of the two leads in B-13.  I highly suggest watching B-13, one of the best action movies around.  Grade: A+.  This is … well, it looks perfectly fine and fine.  Add Paul Walker (no jokes here), put it in Detroit, do the exact same plot almost beat for beat, have all the same iconic moments with slightly different more “amped up” cinematography.

There are some apparent changes from the French ones, the interesting ones being: 1) American-ized jokes and actions, 2) the casting is more Americanized, with RZA being the worst choice for a truly fun villain character, but he is probably a producer, so we can let it slide I suppose, and 3) they changed the girl’s relation to the David Belle character from sister to girlfriend and then added a girl villain for a girl fight, which are positive things. 

I’m not sure if I’m really willing to see this movie I’ve already seen and love again … or if I already know it is gonna be good because I’ve already seen this movie.  I know it’ll be good action.  I know the plot is actually really cool.  I know that David Belle is amazing to watch.  So yeah … I think I just convinced myself.

Verdict – TREASURE

Think Like a Man, Too

I did not watch this trailer.

Verdict – TRASH


Nicolas Cage stars as Joe, a man with a past and a lot of anger, who is trying to make a living and cause nobody no problems.  A boy and his family move to town, looking for a job.  And Joe becomes embroiled in a domestic abuse, doing the right thing the wrong way.  I don’t know the twists and turns, I don’t know where the thing leads, but I am excited about this movie.  

Cage loses himself in characters (sometimes) and when he does, he shows people just how amazing of an actor he is, like I reviewed in Adaptation.  This film looks like it could be an amazingly tense drama about domestic abuse and doing the wrong thing for the right reasons.  I’m very excited.

Verdict – TREASURE

That's all for this week, though expect a special Trailer Trash tomorrow for the Guardians of the Galaxy official trailer!

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