Trailer Trash: Million Ways to Die in the West; Amazing Spider-Man 2; Captain America: Winter Soldier; Odd Thomas

Welcome to the first Trailer Trash!  I have a wonderful  app that I use that updates new trailers whenever they come out, and I thought it would be fun to after the box office weekend hits take a look at all the new trailers that my app shows me and rate them in a (somewhat arbitrary) fashion as TRASH or TREASURE.  So let’s get things going with the most interesting ones I saw to start this thing!

Million Ways to Die in the West

The new non-animated film from the guy who wrote, directed, and starred in Ted.  This time he writes, directs, and stars in a western.  Well, a western in title and setting.  But this trailer leaves a lot to be wanted based on tone and setting.  It is just a bunch of non sequitur jokes and characters who are incredibly out of place.  A dance sequence?  Terrible translation/fake language joke: “Milakunis, milakunis.” Ugh.  I mean, would it kill the voice actor turned actor actor director writer actor to do a damned western accent? 

There are some interesting quirks in the trailer, like a dream sequence with a hot air balloon in the redwoods.  And McFarlane’s non-westernness COULD potentially be time-travel or some other thing, which would make it more interesting.  But none of that is apparent.  What is apparent are just a bunch of stupid jokes and pretty bad looking CGI.

Verdict: Trash – This is not a movie I am even entertaining going to see in theatres.

Odd Thomas

This Dean Koontz supernatural action movie looks perfectly enjoyable.  Great lead casting, with an immediately likable Anton Yelchin (Chekov from the Star Trek new films), and a super competent creation team with Stephen Sommers behind the helm as director and writer.  You know, the guy from the Mummy, the first GI Joe film, and the awesome live action pulpy Jungle Book starring Liu Kang. 

The CGI looks good, the story seems interesting, and it comes out to theatres soon.  It was apparently made last year and has done well and gotten a release or something?  I am not sure the history, but I’m very excited about what this could be.

Verdict: Treasure – I will hopefully be seeing this in theatres when it comes out.

Amazing Spider-Man 2

This looks like a big CGI bash superhero film with … nothing I like.  Ok, that’s not completely fair, pre-powers Jamie Foxx I liked a whole bunch.  And the new suit looks good.  Gwen Stacy is nowhere to be seen in this trailer.  But everyone else is, and I don’t really like any of them.  And I hate the rhino update.  I don’t like adaptations of superheroes where they feel ashamed of the superhero.  Rhino is a hulking brute thief in a rhino suit.  Not a dude in a barely rhino-esque Iron Man suit.  But hey, that could just be me.

Verdict: HesiTant (gimme a break, not a good t-word for “meh”) – Meh, I’m not interested, wasn’t interested in the last one, but they could turn me around.

Captain America: Winter Soldier

Captain America was my favorite of the Pre-Avengers films … and the post-Avengers films … and I liked it more than the Avengers just barely.  It is a movie I thought did everything just right.  And this sequel has me foaming at the mouth.  I’m super excited for everything I see, for all the fan theories rolling around, and for all the action.  Comparing this with Amazing Spider-Man 2 above, the action here looks amazing, with the CGI to a minimum, and even when necessary like with Falcon, it still looks like he is there and interacting with things.

The stakes are amped up and this just has me crazy excited.  I absolutely cannot wait.

Verdict: Treasure – Midnight viewing probably!

And that’s the first Trailer Trash!  Lemme know how this works for you, the viewing audience, and I’ll see you with more trailers next Monday! 

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