IHAO on ... Papa John's Double Cheeseburger Pizza - READER REQUEST

I hate pickles.  I hate vinegar.  I hate ketchup.  I was very afraid of this pizza.  Very afraid.  Like, afraid I might throw up on the pizza.  And that is pretty terrible thing to do, considering that it wasn't my pizza but a slice given to me as we went on the journey of the Double Cheeseburger Pizza.

This pizza is normally $17.  As my roommate and I went on our journey to the other side of town to there, we listened to some wonderful Japanese pop music and talked about how thrilling our town is (fact: it is not very thrilling, that was the joke).  We made it to our destination, and surprise number one, the cashier was awesome.  Telling us how honored he was to be giving us pizza.  He was the nicest dude.  He also knocked 7 bucks off the pizza, and gave us a discount so I could drink me a Sunkist as my roomie downed his Dr. Pepper.

Pictured: I dunno, but it came up when I searched "Dr. Pepper"

The car ride back was filled with terror and laughter, as the smell of pickles and ketchup filled the air.  We were both dead certain the pizza sauce had been completely replaced with ketchup.  But we make it home, take a picture, and I pull a nice big slice, making sure to not avoid pickles.

This pizza's super good.  I really really liked it.  I have only two complaints: 1) for something called DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER, there is very little meat; and 2) if we hadn't gotten such a great deal, this pizza would have way to damned expensive.  With those out of the way, the pizza itself.

The toppings are wonderful pieces of roma tomato, good quality meat, and of course, pickles.  The cheese is standard pizza cheese, maybe a little extra cheddar.  But the real big deal is the secret sauce.  The sauce is amazing.  A+ by itself.  It tastes like a combination of alfredo, thousand island, and hints of ketchup and mustard.  It was glorious.  That sauce ... my god.  Perfection.  Other than my two complaints above (with the money being a BIG deal) this was a great buy, and I would be willing to go out of my way and buy this pretty often.

Grade: B+


  1. Now you have me interested. This previously sounded vomit-worthy to me too. And I know you're not pranking us, because you take your reviews seriously, and I appreciate that. Still don't know if I am gonna try it. = ) Jason Schmidt

  2. Thank you very much, Jason. I strive very much to make sure the reviews I write are both entertaining, but always forthright and honest.