IHAO on ... Best Man Down

I think this might be the most average movie I've ever seen.  It has all the tropes you can think of for an indy film that isn't trying to be an art film.  It has a bunch of actors playing themselves.  It has a bunch of quirky unnecessary dialogue and shots.  It has really irritating acoustic music.  It's themes are about death and everyone that isn't a protagonist is a jerkoff.  It is just the most regular movie I've ever had to watch.

Tyler Labine plays a drunk party loser jerk who is the best man at Justin Long and Jess Weixler's wedding.  They rushed into their relationship and wasted a whole bunch of money, which is compounded when, after making a huge fool of himself almost ruining the reception, Tyler Labine accidently kills himself in a drunken stupor.  So now his friends have to learn about why he was like that as they try to make arrangements back home for his funeral.  And you learn he was a really cool dude, playing the redneck drunk with a heart of gold as Tyler Labine almost always does.  Specifically he was helping emotionally this super smart quirky girl that was bullied in high school for being smart and pretty and funny, played by Addison Timlin.  Addison Timlin, whose quirky name in this film is Ramsey, is blackmailing a priest who is homosexual, also.  And just ... *sigh* that's like the first fifteen or twenty minutes.

The rest is all the same.

The moving isn't "boring" or anything.  It just isn't interesting.  The acting is fine.  The plot is fine.  The dialogue is fine.  This movie is fine.  Some people will probably love it.  It has a charm, and if you like quirky indy dramas, this one will do you pretty ok.  But for me, it is just ... the most average movie I can think of.  Right down the line.  *shrug*  I can't even bring myself to like or hate it.  It just is.

Grade: C

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