IHAO on ... Broforce

 [sing to the tune of Beethoven's Ninth]
 Big explosions big explosions
 Die Hard made me sing this song!
Lots of things are all exploding
This one is from Wild Zero


Have you ever wanted to see all the greatest action heroes together in one film?  Terminator, Rambo, Robocop, Neo, Ridley, and so many more, all hanging out and killing bad guys!  Then look no further, because Broforce does it in spades!

The story is --- STORY?!  Who needs that?!  Let's be awesome and kill stuff!  Were are the guns?!!!


Ok, so for real, the game is pretty ingenious and actually nicely difficult with some very interesting mechanics.  You play as a big action hero, saving others and shooting bad guys, all the while planting American flags and making your way through unique areas!  But what makes it so good is that the game takes some of this a step further.  Whenever you save someone, you earn a 1Up and become the next of the Expendable heroes.  Not only that, each hero plays very differently, with different kinds of guns, specials, and the like.  Different ones work in different ways, and sometimes you have to ask yourself if you want to get the 1Up or do you want to keep the power suite you currently have for the fight?  Not only that, you have a limited number of times you can use or specials, but because whenever you switch to a new action hero in the Broforce you get all your specials for that character rejiggered, it rewards you for using those. Oh, and to avoid all copyright issues, everyone has a wonderful new Broforce themed name, like Rambro or Robrocop, etc. etc.

The game is just super fun.  And you keep unlocking characters to add to your suite.  I currently have ... 16 of the 23.  And they keep adding more and more to the game.  The game plays like Contra on steroids, and is just incredibly fun.  Plus, it is apparently multiplayer friendly, though I haven't given it a shot yet.  I find myself playing a mission or two then turning the game off and coming back every little while between writing breaks or something.  I've super enjoyed it, and you can preorder it now before it gets on Steam!  Check it out here.

It is cool doing a beta, and I've been super enjoying myself.  You should all check it out.

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