IHAO on ... Mystery Science Theater 3000

I didn't get it.

I was not in on the joke for the longest time.  Or, that is, I wasn't in on the not-a-joke that the show was.  In college I tried at the same time I was delving into nanar.  It seemed the perfect fit.  Others I knew loved the show, and I gave it another chance then.  I have even gone to live Rifftrax-ings.  And in the long rin ... I just do not find this funny.  And, to be honest, I still don't find it funny.

These terrible movies they are watching, many of them I want to just own and enjoy on their own!  The riffing they do is supposedly similar to what friends and myself might do at home while watching them.  But ...

Look, this is hard to talk about, especially on the internet, because this show is held by many to be one of the funniest and best shows.  It is like if I told people I thought that Monty Python wasn't particularly good (that is an opinion I have as well, feel free to send the hate mail written on dollar bills of any sort, just click the donate button).

See what I did?  I took this meme, but then I made you think of the phrase in a different way, like, in a not nice way!

Anyway, I've been having a huge amount of terrible heartburn and insomnia, so I've now watched just about every episode on Netflix.  And like I said above, I didn't get it.  But you know what?  I get it now.  And sometimes, some of these are really great.  I really enjoyed Future War, as well as some of the jokes in Gamera v. somethingorother.  Really, I can see the charm.

This show is just like the movies it riffs.  Its quality is low, its acting is atrocious, and its goal, just like a Roger Corman film, is to entertain for cheap.  It is a nanar television show that makes its bread and butter talking about nanar films.  Now of course not always, not all of these movies are worth watching alone for fun.  But some of them certainly are just as funny, or funnier, without the MST3K characters making mostly bad jokes over top of it.

I get it now.  I look forward to putting more on and just kind of paying attention while I do other stuff.

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