IHAO on ... Netflix Lists

Holy crappers do I have a bunch of movies and tv shows stuck on my Netflix list.  I get a lot of requests and have a lot of whims, and I just throw things on there, not worrying about it.  It wasn't until last night when I went looking for Roadhouse because it was 4:33 in the morning and I wanted to kick something so I thought I'd watch Swayze do it ... it wasn't until that moment when I saw that it wasn't on my list any more.  Things don't just STAY on Netflix!

I know, I know, that probably shouldn't be as mind boggling as it was.  But in that instant, I realized that I had, not counting television shows, movies I've watched but want to remember so I can make sure I buy them in the future, or zombie flicks I only have on there to watch with my wife, that I have 36 flicks on there.


So, I'm going to ... watching something else instead for now.  But I am going to, starting tomorrow (MONDAY) go ahead and force myself to watch some.  Using handy-dandy random.org/lists, I've put all of the flicks on there and am going to randomize twice.  Then the first five films will be all next week's reviews.  So let's see what we got:

MONDAY - Mr. Nobody - Reader Request
TUESDAY - Killing Season
WEDNESDAY - Rapture Palooza
THURSDAY - Best Man Down
FRIDAY - Stand Up Guys

There you go.  That's next week.  I'll probably have to do this again, maybe even the NEXT week.  But for now, this is what I got.  See ya Monday for the Oscar-winning actor's flick about ... space?  I dunno, I can't figure it out from the poster image.

Ta ta.

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