IHAO on ... Captain America: the Winter Soldier

Ahh, the Summer season.  Well, a little early, really.  But time for a new Marvel film, one of two this year, and the one I was looking forward to the least of the two ... though I was looking forward to it.  Captain America: the First Avenger was my favorite of the Phase 1 films without any doubt.  And it is my favorite of the Phase 2 films as well, hands down.  I was not pleased with Thor 2 or Iron Man 3.  But this film ... wow.

The plot here is that Cap is having a hard time figuring out where he fits, what he wants, and what even makes him happy.  He meets Sam Wilson, who becomes a friend independently of anything else he's done, and proves to be his saving grace this film.  Cap quickly gets embroiled in a conspiracy that is out to destroy millions of people, and he steps up ... only to face the Winter Soldier, his former and thought dead best friend.

There is a lot of emotion in this film.  This film is filled with great acting and emotion.  We aren't talking about Oscar film crying all over the place stuff ... except you get a little bit of that, just a little.  We get incredible characters.  Really, just phenomenal.  And the action is all kinds of awesome.  So many great looking car chases and explosions, so many great hand-to-hand fights, a really cool flying sequence.  This movie just does things really really well.  It is the best Marvel film to date, and it hints to things in the future.

I'll need to see it again to really ascertain just how much I like this movie, but just know, it may just be the best action/blockbuster film you will see all year.

Grade: A+

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