IHAO on ... Hide and Creep

Sometimes I just do not feel like I am able to accurately express how good a film is.  I try very hard to make sure that I am analytical in my reviews, and for the most part, that works very well.  I pride myself in my ability to separate my own personal like of a film and its actual skill.  But sometimes, every now and again, I feel like this is detrimental to explaining just how great a terrible movie is.  If you could not tell, Hide and Creep is one of those fringe cases.

Hide and Creep fails in almost every way.  It is shot terribly, with terrible cameras, with bad lighting, and very bad sound.  Its score is ridiculous, and at times drowns out actors and is mostly out of place.  The script is mostly nonsensical in its plotting, though its jokes are both misplaced and in a lot of cases pretty funny.  The acting is basically community theatre at its most ... middle of the road.  It fails in almost every regard.

Oh man, failure can just be the best sometimes, yeah?

But this film is just one of the best experiences.  It is fun to make fun of and to enjoy its ridiculousness.  It has moments of zombie-ness that are actually pretty good, like the pastor's storyline.  There are sequences that are incredibly quotable, and overall, just super fun.  It isn't good at all.  By almost any stretch of the imagination.  But man is it enjoyable.  It reminds me of the Room and the Stuff.

Here is the plot: There might be aliens?  And there are zombies.  And no one acts like it matters.  And everyone is a redneck.  There you go.  Watch this movie if you can find it.

Grade: F++


  1. I was kind of hoping for double pluses but I didn't expect them. I'm glad the move earned them. :) I do think that there was some C and D grade stuff in this rather than all failures, but the important part was the enjoyment anyway.

    1. I agree, there is definitely some really great stuff in here. My grading system (top right of the website) for an F is for failing in almost all regards. There is some nice stuff in there. Nothing A-success or anything, some small successes. I linked to my The Stuff review because they were very similar, so surprisingly good stuff ... but really, they aren't good films on quality. But entertainment, we all win!

  2. Okay, cool. I thought it was across the board failure but fun in your opinion (well, except for the jokes). I was surprised at the quality of the editing (in general) shot composition (in general) and storytelling (in general) plus several of the special effects. Not A or B material but some C and D stuff. I'm impressed at their ability to switch back and forth among the different characters' stories. So, yep, that's it! :D