IHAO on ... WWE Legends' House

The WWE Network has done amazing things for the WWE so far.  1 million individual homes/devices watched Wrestlemania XXX, which is a HUGE number.  They've introduced new ways to use the network, such as with this entire week's Warrior Week, dedicated to the Ultimate Warrior, RIP.  But that isn't really enough.  If they are going to succeed beyond wrestling and PPVs, they are going to need original programming.  And Legends House is the first take at it.

Legends House is just like a bunch of other reality shows: put a bunch of people in one place, have them doing some task every now and again, edit it up and show them caught in reality.  Of course, one problem ... the WWE decided to not use a script supervisor.  So this show is really JUST the thoughts of 8 wrestling Legends and their lives living together.  A wrestling fan may always think that these guys, since they worked together, know each other.  But as we see in this first outing, the barely do.  And they rub each other wrong, just like anyone can.  And man, is it great.

There is something so great and raw about it all.  And something so incredibly touching.  Hearing Rowdy Roddy Piper having such a difficult time, being so vulnerable, is nuts.  It is a real life, less sensational/fictional version of The Wrestler.  It is eye-opening, and entrancing.  To see folks playing tennis, while two others who were earlier getting pissy with each other now smoking cigars and drinking beer ... to watch these guys really do not much of anything.  It is exactly what you want from reality television without the sensational extra scripting.  We really are just watching these guys.  And it was powerfully interesting.  I highly suggest you take a look if you can.  It was a great watch, and I know I'll continue.

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