IHAO on ... "Nanar"

I have recently learned a new word.  It is a new word for a phenomenon that I face every day, and that I love.  That phenomenon is the conceptualization of a "good bad" movie.  On this site, I have reviewed quite a few: The Stuff, Hide and Creep, to name the two Fs, though I would argue that No Holds Barred and Rise of the Planet of the Apes could potentially fall in this category as well.

Anyway, the term is "nanar."  It is a french word for just that, films that are so bad they are good.  Films like The Room, Birdemic, and Troll 2 all fall in this category ... genre?  I don't know, it is amorphous.  But it is a thing I have loved for a long time.  I recently learned the term because of two things: Spoony's review of The Barbarians (a movie I MUST own now) and the PBS Idea Channel episode on just this thing, embedded right below.

I have loved these films for a very long time.  I have a pretty decent collection of them (and just bought The Stuff to permanently add it to my collection).  But I want to do more.  So here's my proposal for the site:  I will be trying to review one of these films a week.  Not only that, I will be adding a tag, nanar, that way people can easily find these wonderful films  and I hope I can enlighten you all about the ones you don't know.

See you soon for a Nanarsday review!

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