Fantasy Booking - WWE World Heavyweight Title storyline through Summerslam

So Daniel Bryan needs some neck surgery.  Nothing too major, but good to take care of it now.  But man, has it been rough, such an emotional series of months.  But this is perfect to get the fans behind Bryan, as well as to make new stars.  Lemme show you want I mean with a little bit of ...
Fantasy Booking
There isn't a cool font, leave me alone.

Okay, fantasy booking time for the WWE World Heavyweight Title storyline.  Next week on Raw, you have Stephanie come out, and say that Daniel Bryan will be out for three months, and you can't run a wrestling company without a champion, so she strips him of the championship "he doesn't even REALLY deserve".  Then she crowns a new champion, a man who is powerful, who is a monster, who is everything this company needs as a champion ...

FEED ME MORE.  Ryback, alone, comes out, to huge booes.  Stephanie claps for him, and explains why he is the perfect candidate.  He is the future, so on so on.  Then she awards him the championship, and you make a big deal of him being WWE Champion Ryback.  Crowd is in shambles then ...


Ziggler comes out, being his natural self, talking about how terrible Ryback is, how Great Khali deserve the title more than him, how Ziggler deserves the title more than Ryback.  So Stephanie says FINE, you want to prove a point, if you can win in the main event tonight, you can be Ryback's first challenger at Payback.  Ziggler agrees without hearing what the main event is going to be.  Stephanie laughs, then puts him in a gauntlet match or some other "odds are against him" kind of match.  Ziggler wins, is number 1 contender.

Payback, Ziggler wins.  Big celebration.  Ryback gets his rematch at Money in the Bank.  Ryback wins because shenanigans, now a two-time champ, I like to think Steph kicks Ziggler in the balls behind the ref's back.

Ryback and Ziggler get another match at Battleground ... but that Monday, Daniel Bryan returns "a month early" and kicks Ryback in the head!  Ziggler and Bryan have an unhappy alliance going into the match, but ultimately, Daniel Bryan wins, champ again ...

Then out of nowhere, Brock Lesnar shows up and F-5's Daniel Bryan 3 times, just like he did to Undertaker.  Paul Heyman comes out during this, explaining that Lesnar has a contract for the title at Summerslam.  That match will make money.  Put Ziggler and Ryback in one final rubber match with Ziggler ultimately winning as well.  Boom.

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