IHAO on ... The Pokemon X/Y Wonder Trade Run!!!

Ok, so this is a little bit of a cheat, because I created it.  Or at least, I should say, I have not seen another person's attempt and have created my own rules to make a new kind of challenge mode for the popular Pokemon franchise!

One of my favorite things to do in Pokemon nowadays is to do a Nuzlocke run.  I even have episodes on this site of a Nuzlocke run I did for awhile.  Basically, it is a way to take what is mostly a not too terribly challenging game and adding a new level of immersion and difficulty to it.  It has revitalized a game that has ultimately become boring for me since the third generation (which very luckily is going to be getting an update with this current engine run, neat, huh?).  And my challenge run does similarly, but in a different way that is just as interesting, and potentially way more challenging or a breeze.

Ok, so here we go, some background and then some rules, then I'll give you some info on my first run, still ongoing.

In the current pokemon series, Pokemon X/Y, you can Wonder Trade.  Wonder Trading is trading with random people random things without knowing what they are trading back.  It is a great way to give away pokemon you no longer plan on using, but has also become a source of good nature, breeding chaf being thrown out for others, and jokes.  My favorite joke being trading out Snorlaxs that all are named "Yo Mama" and they are holding a Burn Heal.

Sick burn, bro!

With that explained, here is the schtick of a Wonder Trade run.  RULES!

These two "negative" rules are not strictly necessary.  You could start the game the very first time and do a Wonder Trade run, but I suggest playing at least for a little bit to get a feeling for both the story and the map, as well as to have cooler things to trade.

"Trademons" are my name for any and all pokemon that you are going to Wonder Trade.  A few basic conceits to keep in mind about Trademons.
 - Nickname everything.  Pokemon who are traded cannot get their names changed, so even if you just give your pokemon something lame, it will be much nicer for those who are Wonder Trading to get a cool named 'Mon instead of being stuck with an unnamed one you cannot give a nickname to.
 - Don't throw away trash.  The Wonder Trade pool is a tool for all players.  Don't just put a billion of the early lame normal types or a bunch of Luvdiscs or something in.
 - No Trademon should be higher than 25th level.  If they are, then people who receive them may not be able to use them because of level cap restrictions that make your pokemon not listen.  

New game time!  Time to start things up as normal.

If you haven't done this yet, you have a chance to do as I said to above except for this run.  MAKE SURE that your give a cool nickname to your "starter," because he is about to find a new home.

Try to beat first gym as fast as you can.  Collect enough pokemon to have 6 by the time you beat this gym, and if they are going to be your Trademons, remember the conceits I set forth above.

You have the first gym badge!  FANTASTIC!  Time to get this game REALLY started.

Open up your Wonder Trade menu and make sure you have all of your Trademon ready.  You are going to Wonder Trade them all away!  Do not keep a single one, they all go away.  Also, try not to trade away garbage unless you have to.  No one wants to get a lame Bunnelby after seeing sooooo many of them.  Oh, and if you get a shiny, make someone's day and trade it away, too!  Or bank it and catch/use something else.  But I would give away the shiny, in hopes others would do similarly.  :)

If you want, you can wait until you have gotten your first generation starter as well.  It doesn't matter if you decide to keep it though because ... 

There you go!  You got a group of six random pokemon from around the world, traded away to you as their new home.  See why you want to be courteous with the ones that you trade away?  Why you want to nickname everything?  Yeah.  

Now you may get some really crappy stuff.  But you will probably also get awesome stuff.  And certainly things you never expected to use.  This is your new team, and it is yours to beat the game with!!

All right, sure there should be some exceptions.  I believe two allowances should be made for what you can make exceptions for.
1) Trade/release away anything you get a duplicate of.  If you for some reason get two ... Slowpokes, you should definitely trade one away.  If you get an Abra and a Kadabra, get rid of one of them for similar reasons.  But do not trade away a Banette if you get a Gastly.  They are two different pokemon, so even though they are both ghosts, you just get to have two different ghosts!  COOL!!!
2) Trade/release away any Pokemon that you could have caught on the way here other than Starters.  Bunnelbys, Fletchlings, those are boring, and you could have had one of those if you hadn't Wonder Traded.  Just go ahead and give yourself some leeway.  BUT ... if you get a Pidgey, or a Patrat, those are not from Pokemon X/Y's opening areas, so they don't count.  Keep em!

And that's it!  That's the challenge!  You get six random pokemon you didn't pick, you didn't synergize, you didn't meticulously plan, and you try to beat the game!  It should possible, though it may be incredibly hard.  You aren't allowed to use any other pokemon this run AT ALL!  Good luck!

Bam!  You can do it!

And there you go!  Let me now show you what I'm running with in my very first run!

I collected a few things in a previous run to trade away specifically for this, but not everything was!  Here's what I traded and what I got:

GottaGoFast, Chespin --> Beldum
GottaGoBird, Fletchling --> Eevee
GottaGoSage, Pansage --> Zigzagoon
Vinegar, Croagunk --> Bunnelby
unnamed Dugtrio --> Taillow
Guerrero Jr., Hawlucha --> Bunnelby

So yeah, two Bunnelbys.  I released them both and traded away two more things ...

unnamed Meinfoo --> Tentacool
Jolene, Snubbull --> Chingling

That there we are!  It is a crazy team, and one that will be really fun to go through the game with.  I decided to turn the Eevee into a Sylveon to get a fairy-type, and BAM!  Got me team.  I look forward to beating the game and then doing this again.  And I hope I can convince a few of you to do it as well.  If you do, let me know!  We can share with anyone interested, and try to make this a new thing!!

/\// tOrtUrE-jEssEl-A-thOn \\/\

June 3rd through June 9th

From June 3rd to the 8th, I want to have TORTURE-JESSEL-A-THON!  I am going to put myself through the worst films and most hated films that all you guys can think of.  I'm going to collect them all over the next week, and debut the schedule on Monday, the 2nd.  Then for a whole week, you will get to see me go through pain for all your pleasure, ending with a very special, very controversial IHAO that was supposed to be filmed years ago but I never had the guts to actually shoot, featuring a movie that makes me fuming at the mouth angry, and might be my most hated film.

So, send comments, shares, etc. Thanks again!

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