IHAO on ... Insomnia + Depression PLUS Announcement

It is hard to start talking about any of your own deficiencies or flaws, especially mental or physical ones, on the internet because of a lack of context.  I could tell you "I have insomnia and depression" and that doesn't really mean anything.  Yes, those words have meanings, and people who have those sometimes quite debilitating illnesses/problems certainly may suffer.  But in the magic of internet land, the only things that actually exists are words, and people's perceptions of those words.  I could tell everyone/anyone reading this "I have a purple cat named Checkers" and you either read that and say "sure, I believe that" or "whatever, probably a lie, that doesn't particularly matter."  But you take it to a more personal level, telling people "my uncle just died" and the natural skeptic comes out.  You may still say "sure, I believe that", but there are plenty who go "whatever, probably a lie, that doesn't particularly matter."

So when you get to folks who have legitimate problems, such as the Frogman over on tumblr (a great dude who puts out some great content, if you for some reason are brand new to the internet and didn't take the Introductory Class that puts him onto your radar for semi-daily content viewing) or to a lesser extent myself, it is hard to completely grasp or even care what they have going on outside of the content they put out.  I suffer from insomnia, an illness that ultimately makes it difficult for me to achieve successful and restful sleep, and depression, which I really don't feel like talking about.  Wikipedia exists if you want info on it.

I say this because every now and again, one or the other of the two flares up.  Maybe I get a thought stuck in my head that makes it hard to motivate and accomplish anything.  Maybe I go 5 days with a total of 6 hours of sleep.  While those things are sucky, they generally are not worth talking about.  When both stack on top of each other ... well, then I a week without doing any work and get stuck continuing to not do any work for this site.

So what's the point of bringing this up?

Good question ... I think?

Yeah, I dunno, it isn't really to enlighten or inform.  Really just to ... start talking again.  To get back to the screen and start talking.  The hardest thing about wanting to be a writer professionally, whether it be fiction, comedy, or critique, is that you gotta flippin' do it!  You gotta start putting words down.  Good, bad, doesn't matter, you gotta do it every day.  And I did not.  But I'm working on it.  And I'm sure sometimes I'll go another week without putting anything up again.  That'll suck, but I'll come back and continue to do what I need to do.

So yeah, thank you, ultimately is where I'm going.  I do not generate a lot of views, but I love every single one!  I love every share and comment, and I appreciate them all.  So I want to show you my appreciation.  I try to do a Reader Request every week, and I have one that will be going up in the next few days (once the holiday hijinks gets over with and I can sit down and finish watching it).  I also make sure to cover any big wrestling events that happen, and two are coming in the next seven days.  So I want to do something special for you folks that read me every day after and beyond.  Especially the ones that make it down here to the bottom of this mostly boring little article.

From June 3rd to the 8th, I want to have TORTURE-JESSEL-A-THON!  I am going to put myself through the worst films and most hated films that all you guys can think of.  I'm going to collect them all over the next week, and debut the schedule on Monday, the 2nd.  Then for a whole week, you will get to see me go through pain for all your pleasure, ending with a very special, very controversial IHAO that was supposed to be filmed years ago but I never had the guts to actually shoot, featuring a movie that makes me fuming at the mouth angry, and might be my most hated film.

So, send comments, shares, do it on facebook, send them over email, put them in the donation box with a little cash attached (that'll make it MUCH more likely to get done coughcoughhinthintaskingformoneybutnotseriouslyenoughtonottrytocoveritupwithabadjokecoughcough), put them on post-it notes and sneak them into my pants pockets when you see me out and about buying groceries, whatever!  You got one week to give me the most horrible daggum things you can think of to watch and torture me with for a full week of reviews.

And again, thank you for your patience, support, comments, and most importantly, your attention every now and again.

/\// tOrtUrE-jEssEl-A-thOn \\/\

June 3rd through June 9th


  1. Here is you assignment if you choose to accept it: From Justin to Kelly, Gigli, and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Go! -Rachel

    1. I'll find at least one of them! Great suggestions!