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I am not much of a documentary person if the documentaries are not about wrestling.  I've seen a handful, and I am kind of getting into a few of them, though.  Generally ones about people, or with an interesting voice/perspective.  Especially about things I either like or can relate to.  And so ... this one ... about a guy with a small penis, going around the world to see ... just ... anything size related.

I do not wish to be crass, and I very much try to keep things PG or close around here.  So this one ... a little hard to talk about, considering it is all about penis size, and mentality, and sexuality, and all that.  So hopefully the actual aspects of this doc won't turn you away, but I get it if they do.  Tomorrow will ... I dunno, be kids movie or something, you'll enjoy that more, come back for that!

This gif is peripherally relevant.  And is also Denver the Last Dinosaur, who was great.

It is an interesting documentary.  It has aspects of travel, aspects of history, aspects of social understanding ... but what it is really about, and what is the real selling point to me, is it being about a man who was injured, whose pride had been hurt very publicly.  A comedian and actor I had recognized but couldn't put a finger on it until they showed a clip of his small part in How I Met Your Mother, he publicly proposed, and was rejected.  And one of the reasons why he was rejected was because his penis was small.  And that sent him on this journey.  He went to ancient tribes, sexologists, masturbation clubs, plastic surgeons, museums, night clubs, everywhere to learn about whether "size matters" or not.

Ultimately, this documentary isn't really about that.  It's hard to talk about documentaries, I find, because it isn't like spoiling the plot of a film, and to talk about the thing I have to talk about where it ends up going.  Basically, I found that the whole thing ended up being about himself.  And I think he did as well.  It was not easy.  And I enjoyed that.  And Patrick Moote was a great viewing lens for this journey.

This isn't the slickest thing, but it very much works.  And like I said, I was really intrigued with how they went about it all, and Moote himself was so interesting to watch and kept me along for the ride.  I think people could enjoy this, doc-lovers or not.  And I think the points brought up and the information learned, while not groundbreaking or anything, all come across as earnest, and are interesting.  I recommend.

Grade: B

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