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The internet is a magic place.  Not literally of course, because magic doesn't exist.  And no, I do not agree with or believe in the stupid technology=magic garbage that is in the Thor movies, and a bunch of other stuff.  I absolutely hate that garbage.  Let the two things be different!  They serve different purposes, narratively, and flavorfully.  Anyway, that's neither here nor there.

On the internet, there is a lot of great content.  A lot of pretty good content.  A lot of good content.  And a whole heap ton of absolute, complete and utter garbage.  Even among the great stuff, though, it is hard to sift through things.  This isn't like a good television show, which even the BAD ones had a million or so viewers.  This is about 30K or 40K views, a pretty relatively small number.  A number I'd kill for, certainly, but it isn't amazing or ground  breaking stuff.  And a lot of great content exists at that rate.  And Man in the Box is just that.

I Have a Favorite (Internet Show) ... Man in the Box

There aren't a lot of gifs of this to share with you all, but I can easily post a LOT of videos.  Because the Man in the Box crew created HUNDREDS of videos, all just a few minutes long, and almost all of them absolutely great.  The Man in the Box stuff is created by a comedian, Mike Polk, who has some internet celebrity of his own with other videos, such as the Cleveland Tourism video that I see pass around on Tumblr every now and again, or his One Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Song.

It stars his sketch comedy group, Last Call Cleveland, playing all the roles in an office job as Mike himself plays slacker/jackass Greg, a screw-up who hates his life, his job, and everyone around him, and is just trying to survive.  And from there, we reach the genius and great comedy of the show.  I find myself just indulging myself in more and more in short order, and you can sit through a good handful of them in the span it takes to watch a single episode of The League or something else that won't be nearly as funny.  Not only that, they have other little shows that are definitely worth your time on here as well, specifically Hangover Regrets and the Greg's Office Tormentors, which is just a talking heads quick Q&A in character with all the people in the Man in the Box show.

I highly suggest you take a look.  I embedded my favorite Man in the Box episode above, but I'll link to the channel RIGHT HERE, too.  Give it a chance, it is great comedic stuff.

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