IHAO on ... Pokemon Y - the Perfect Team

You been watching Twitch Plays Pokemon?  You should, it is amazing.  It makes me wanna play pokemon again.  So I picked up my 3DS and started going for reals on Pokemon Y.

Finding the right balance of fun, effectiveness, and coolness factor in a Pokemon team is both the best and worst thing about the game.  It’s why I generally prefer doing Nuzlocke runs, that force me to use a team as I find them.  Heck, you can see on here a series of episodes that I recorded doing a Nuzlocke run of Emerald.  I'll have to do that again at some point, those were fun to edit together as little short episodes.

But yeah, nuzlocke runs, or specific runs based on things I breed, like my future runs which will be all Bears, all Fighting Types, and all Eeveelutions.  Bears will be the best, btw.  But none of that matters on the FIRST run, which is about finding the coolest ‘mon around to use.

Thinking about types is always hard.  I didn’t play Gen V, so some great pokemon never got to be in my team.  And I disliked the actual gameplay of Gen IV, so I didn’t get to use some of those wonderful ‘mon either.  But I’ve spent my time, I’ve worked hard, and I got my team … kinda.

First rule of teams for me: naming convention for nicknames (88% of the time).  It has always been so much fun to find a great way to get everyone working together.  Some of my favorite Nuzlocke runs have been with everyone named after Greek Gods, or Condiments, or Pizza toppings, or just Colors!  This game, I went with Seasonings! 

Bam!  Patrat used Sweet Scent!

Of course, you get your starter.  I went with Chespin [name: Thyme], because he’s the coolest Grass starter there’s ever been.  Believe dat.  But that said … I may shelf him.  I’m not into Grass-types, and he just might end up feeling like dead weight if another good thing comes along.  I’m not sure it’ll happen, but it is possible.

Now we start filling out the team.  I have an Inkay [name: Soy Sauce], was a MUST have for me.  He is awesome sauce.  I wanted a Bunnelby [name: Cinammon] real bad, but she slowly is getting outclassed and is current just HM muscle, which makes me sad, but I’m not sure what’ll happen with her yet.  I was using a Scraggy [name: Garlic] because I love the little guy, but with both his types in two others on the team, I decided to save him for the all Fighting team.  That allowed for a Hawlucha who is AMAZING … but I always want to save him for the Fighting team.  Then I found a Golett [name: Tamuz] who is just the greatest little rolly-polly addition to the team, especially since I have learned that when he evolves he can learn Fly!  I’ve been using Amaura the fossil, but I wasn’t allowed to nickname him, and I’m pretty sure he isn’t going to last the run on the team, but for now he’s sticking around, and if I can get to the Name Rater, he’ll get a new name: “Icing.”

And I just recently got the rare member of the team I was searching for: Mawile [name: Rosemary].  She took me an hour and a half of grinding in the stupid Glitter Caves, but I got her!  Steel/Fairy makes me a happy happy camper, and is a huge upgrade from Flabebe who just didn’t do it for me.

Now I am searching for the Good Rod (it is just a little further in the playthrough) so I can get myself a Skrelp, nickname yet to be determined.  It means I still have one or two slots left to fill, but it’ll be pretty solid from there.  I’ll wait to see if I’m surprised by anything awesome as I play, but I’m happy with where I am, and the journey of getting this team together is great.

So far, so good.  We’ll see how the whole thing comes down as we continue on to beat the Elite 4!

If anyone would like to trade around or just be Poke-Pals, btw, here’s me Friend Code: 4613-7755-2772

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