IHAO on ... The Real Husbands of Hollywood

The show opens with a poop joke.  A bird pooping in Kevin Hart’s mouth.

Don’t let that stop you though, because this show is ridiculous and pretty daggum funny.  Problem is with a good comedy, I can’t just list off great jokes they did, like Kevin Hart making the sound of a dove crying then being upset that he didn’t go to Prince’s house.  That doesn’t translate without watching the show.   I dunno how to talk about this show.  Uh … ok, Wikipedia style.

Ok, so Nelly, Robin Thicke, Nick Cannon, a guy I recognize but don’t remember his name, two other guys, and Kevin Hart are parodying Real Housewives.  And Kevin Hart is doing exactly what makes him hilarious: too much swagger, gets beat down to size.  These guys are playing fictionalized versions of themselves and have no shame, which is wonderful.

The actual schtick of the show is watching manchild Kevin Hart, fresh off a divorce, trying to keep his swagger in front of all his friends who do not care and are just living life fine.  At least, it starts that way, as he is riding a big career high.  It quickly gives everyone equal time.  It is a pretty fantastic parody of the show, and is genuinely hilarious.  Check it out on Netflix.


  1. I have hated Kevin Hart since I first heard his smarmy voice and saw his stupid face on Apatow's "Undeclared" three lifetimes ago. I don't get why people like him.

    1. If I had to wager a guess, it would be that his persona is that of ultimate success, yet the comedy from him generally comes from being brought back to earth through his own incompetence or through situational comedy. It is a very classic style of comedy, and while it is painted with his general "swag" and style of this new millennium, it still works. Beyond that, Hart has an almost palpable aura of charisma that makes him an easy person to like, or hate.

      I can very much get why some may not like him, but his actual jokes, the comedy he writes, whether for himself or others to perform, I find legitimately hilarious.