IHAO on ... WWE Slam City

I’ve been loving having the WWE Network.  I haven’t loved its execution on the X-Box, but I can watch on my tablet, and they are getting things fixed on the X-Box.  I’ve loved watching NXT, old episodes of Smackdown and Raw, and the Countdowns, as well as PPVs that aren’t edited to high heaven because Chris Benoit is in them.  But just recently, the WWE added a new show that blew me away: WWE Slam City.

These are 4 minute stop-motion cartoon shorts, staring the wrestler characters (voiced by other folks) as they go about they normal-ish lives in Slam City after they are fired from wrestling.  The cartoons themselves are Looney Tunes meets wrestling meets Wallace and Gromit.  They are absolutely fantastic!  From a wrestling perspective, they are not forcing themselves down heel/face lines to write their stories, which is excellent, though some characters are more naturally gonna be bad guys.  And little jokes are hidden all through out, like CM Punk running the ice cream shop in Slam City.

They have released 4 shorts so far, and I am unsure of how quickly more will be added, but the four given are all great.  One sets up the show, with a new figure, the Finisher, firing everyone so they have to make a living doing other things.  And the other three set the tone for how the each episode will go: see a wrestler in their new environment, a second wrestler shows up with a gripe of some kind, they fight, jokes.  Perfect!

I cannot wait to see WWE Legends show up!

Even better than that, you can watch them now even without the WWE Network (which you SHOULD have anyway, btw).  They are distributed all over the place, with two big ones being their youtube channel, and the WWE Slam City website (which at the time of me typing this is not currently up, but you can go to WWESlamCity.com to check for yourself).  Check em out, I think you’ll love em, whether you like wrestling or not.

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