IHAO on ... @Midnight ft. Chris Jericho

I love jokes.  Jokes on jokes on jokes.  Just setup then JOKE.  "Whose Line Is It Anyway" style stuff.  I do improv weekly, if not more, write comedic theatre stuff, and just enjoy a great comedy.  I also like games.  And @Midnight is just about the perfect blend of that concept of jokes on jokes on commentary on stupid memes on jokes.  Add in that last night Chris Jericho, one of my absolute favorite wrestlers EEEEEEEVVVVVVVVAAARRRRRRRR, and this was a match made in heaven.

@Midnight in general is just a plainly hilarious show.  They do a lot of setups and just allow people to earn points by being funny, and that is it.  It is beautiful in its simplicity.  I highly suggest watching it.  It is generally edited to be SFW, but some jobs may argue that, so proceed at your own risk.  Here's the link to the Jericho episode!

What made me want to talk about this episode in particular was watching Jericho just be a guy.  He didn't rely on wrestling gimmicks to be funny, he didn't have a real advantage in the WWE themed joke rounds, like Bad Wrestling Move Names.  He just made funny jokes.  The other two comedians were either trying hard, or maybe taking a dive, but it was great to see a wrestler be quick and funny just like professional comedians.  I'm hoping with the likes of Mick Foley being a stand-up comedian now and other internet-famous wrestlers like CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler being hilarious online we get more wrestlers showing up, because that would be amazing.

What a smile.  Give this man a title match.

Comedy review is difficult in that I can't just list off a bunch of the jokes I found hilarious.  And it is potentially a more subjective form of entertainment.  But if you have any interest in internet culture, jokes on jokes on jokes, or wrestling, give this episode a shot.  I loved it, and at 22 minutes, there are a thousands worse ways to spend your time.

No grade.  Just laughs.

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