Trailer Trash: Sin City A Dame to Kill For; Annie; Oculus; Loveship Hateship; the Double

Welcome back to Trailer Trash!  In these articles, I use my Trailer Addict app to watch some new trailers (or at least new to me), and give my quick thoughts on the films, the trailers, and a gauge of excitement for them.  Let's get going!

The Double

I am a Darren Aronofsky fan.  And this film is very reminscent of an Aronofsky film from what I've seen.  It is directed and written by that guy from the IT Crowd that everyone likes.  The one with the glasses.  And this thing is weird and funny and dark and crazy and all sorts of neato bandito.  Really, my only complaint is that the films color palette looks really over-produced.  

The schtick from what I can discern is a meek and weak-willed dude is working at a job, but no one cares about him or listens to him.  Then an EXACT double gets hired, but this double is incredibly confidant and kind of a dick hole.  And from there ... gosh, I have no clue.  So many things and images and lines happen, but how they patch together I couldn't begin to tell you.  I like what I see though.

Verdict - TREASURE


Karen Gillan horror film, wee ha!  Katee Sackoff horror movie, too!  Double wee ha!  And it is a WWE Studios film, too!  Gotta see this one in theatres!  PUMPED!

And what is it about?!  Time travel demon mirror crazy illusion makes-you-eat-a-light-bulb-instead-of-an-apple-by-"accident" awesome stuff!  I'm super stoked for this one, for a billion reasons, and the most important one being it looks like a crazy cool scary film.

Verdict - TREASURE


Oof.  I am not a fan of this musical.  And we get a brand new one for this Christmas.  Well, open mind, let's see ... 

Oh god.  Ok.  So it looks to be a modernized, race swapped, super-modernized, talking about stupid facebook jokes and naming Jamie Foxx Mr. Stacks (you know, because that is the modern cool version of Daddy Warbucks) and Cameron Diaz is the bad orphanage person except she's just a foster mom I think and ... wow.  This looks like a (potential) trainwreck.  Oh, and Jay-Z and Will Smith put it together.  That is a combination for some ... I dunno.  I bet this movie will do real well in theatres, but it makes me want to bang my head against a glass wall until my brain is exposed.

Verdict - TRASH

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Loved the first one (for the most part).  Love this particular story in the Sin City mythos.  And it includes two brand new stories, and another amazing Marv story.  I got nothing bad to say ... except that the Jessica Alba focused story will probably be the worst one.  I'm crazy excited for this film.

Verdict - TREASURE

Hateship Loveship

The title alone makes me wanna puke.  It is a shortened version of the original short story's title "Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage" which I don't hate nearly as much.  But let's give this one a fair shake too.

Ugh.  What saccrine rom-com-drama garbage.  Bait and switching from drama to comedy to whatever tired jumbled mess this thing actually is.  They do say the name of the short story in the trailer, which makes me wonder why they even bothered not calling it by its full original title.  Everyone already knows how a movie like this is going to go no matter if you put "marriage" in the title or not.  Here, you know what, this is the only piece of information from the trailer you need to know: Kristen Wiig makes out hardcore with a mirror.  That's it.  That's all you need to know.  I pray that I don't have to see this movie for real.

Verdict - TRASH

That's all for me this week!  Take a look at any of these trailers that interest you in the trailer park below.  Buh bye!


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