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Sorry for the absence last weekend.  Stuff came up, and getting a bank put together is not possible when binge watching Always Sunny in Philadelphia in the hopes you can talk about the next seasons in depth like you thought you were going to when you wrote this article and ... it is just always the same ... it never ends or changes ... except for Day Man.  :)


I was quiet all last weekend because of an at home project: making my wife feel more at home in our little townhouse.  Not to say we hated it or it was bad or anything.  But there are just little things that happen as you move into a place that take a lot of time.  We have lots of things set up, but it wasn't until this weekend that we finally got all the furniture and shelving to get the books and films unpacked we own.  And not only that, we got to finally put together a little area of the living room just for my wonderful lady.  It isn't done yet, but it is getting closer.

To accomplish this task ... I had to put together furniture.  3 pieces in particular: a leaning backless bookshelf, a more permanent bookshelf for behind the couch, and my big ole DVD collection shelf.  Didn't fit everything, we are gonna need to get another, but it fits about 66% which ain't bad at all.

Truer words ... 

Putting together these furniture pieces is a stressful, painful, and ultimately rewarding experience.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever.  I got blisters created and ripped open from the daggum new screwdriver, a head cold from all the dust and wood shavings, and killed my back and knees.  Put part of the bookshelf/table/whatever for the couch, put part of it on backwards, so had to rip it apart and do it again.

 But it is worth it.  All the pain, the blood, the sweat, the cursing, the making the dogs upset, the vacuuming, the sleeping on the couch so I don't wake up my wife during the night once I get done, the headaches, the Always Sunny in Philadelphia on repeat, the holes ripped in shirts, the money spent, the meals skipped, the lost time to be doing things like writing more for this site, the missing opportunities to see films and review them, the neverending mindnumbing pain of knowing there was something else I could be doing with my time other than sitting on the floor trying to figure out which piece is "F" and which piece is "N" and why the "P" piece isn't shaped like the black and white picture says it is and the searching for the dropped wooden dowels that never really amount to much and the trip to target to buy a new screwdriver, you know the one I said ripped open my middle finger earlier?, yeah that one, and then coming home and ripping open my finger, then finding the old screwdriver ... All of that is worth it.  Because I can FINALLY find all my movies.

And my wife is happy.  Yeah, that too, I guess.

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